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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MistressMaria86, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I'll get straight to the point is it physically possible to put a whole hand ....I guess four fingers and thumb altogether at once into the anus and if so how do I go about it aside from gently there a 'better' order or position I should be aiming for and then if/once I succeed what do I do then....?

    Thanks in advance
  2. sebastian

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    Maria: The basic answer is yes, it's possible. It's called fisting, and it's a major area of play for gay men, both those into power exchange and those who are otherwise vanilla. I'm not super-knowledgeable about it--I've never done it, although I have watched it. Google 'gay fisting' and look for pages that offer instructions (as opposed to the porn, although that might be instructive for you).

    1) Make sure your nails are trimmed down close to the finger--no points, sharp edges, or anything that could nick the colon. There are special disposable fisting gloves you can buy to reduce the risk. They're usually black rubber and quite slick. If you really get into it, get a pair of permanent rubber fisting gloves.
    2) Get a lube intended for fisting. Regular lubes may not be greasy enough for it. Use LOTS of it. Fisting is messy that way, so make sure you have a supply of towels.
    3) Give the fistee an enema, unless you really don't mind shit.
    4) My understanding (and don't take my word for it) is that you should gradually loosen up the anus with one finger, then two, then three. When you're (meaning both you and the sub) ready to go all the way, bring all five fingers together in a loose point and SLOWLY work it in. The trick will be getting the knuckles in--that's the widest part of the hand.
    5) Go VERY SLOWLY. The fistee has to feel relaxed in order to loosen up enough. If at any point he thinks he can't take it, pull out and let him relax before trying again. It might take a couple sessions before he feels ready to go all the way.
    6) A small amount of blood is not uncommon with anal play, but if the fistee begins to actively bleed--dripping or trickling out, that might indicate a cut or tear. If so, it's time to go to the hospital and have it checked out.
    7) Consider using a dildo or butt plug to loosen the anus first. There are also special anal speculums you can get to help spread the anus.
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    Thanks Sebastian. Yeah I knew it was called fisting and I was planning on using gloves - he has a supply of black latex ones and I was thinking maybe two one on top of the other as they are quite thin. I reckon he can be in charge of buying the lube ...I seem to have done most of the buying of 'stuff' recently lol. As for the enema ....jeez am not sure I can do it although I might be able to discretely suggest he 'ensure he is ready for such an activity' in whatever way he sees fit. I'll be honest am not massively keen on s*** and we're not partners so I reckon I can leave that kind of prep to him! As for the blood eeek anotr thing I am not keen on and as for going to hosp and trying to explain ....well it cant happen and so the whole thing might not be possible but maybe more fingers than previously (think I only managed 1-2 but then I wasn't trying for any more) might be god for him. Was trying to ascertain whether he had had it done before - I am not too sure how much he thinks about other stuff around it. As for google yes I will probably give that a go at some point too.

    Am not sure if/when it will happen....he reckons he is having trouble finding time for us to catch up least it gives me a bit of research time lol.

    PS on a completely random note somehow whilst on this site I have enlarged the text of everything so the whole page doesn't quite fit onto the screen ...and it now the same for other sites too. Any ideas as to what I have inadvertently done??

    Many thanks
  4. Smallest

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    Hit Ctrl and minus or pinch zoom (if on a laptop with a touch pad) by starting with your fingers apart and bringing them in.

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