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    I need some help. My girlfriend introduced me to the bdsm community about a year ago. So far we have had a Dom/Sub relationship, she is naturally a Dom but currently is being a switch. She is wanting me to take her over completely and make this a master/slave thing. The problem lays in the fact I am not entirely sure on how to do a 24-7 thing. Such as rules, punishment, rewards, or anything else I may be forgetting. Any advice will greatly be appreciated.
  2. EZRA

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    Take it slow, real slow and be sure it's what you want as well.
    There are no set guidelines for this, you have to discover what works for you along the way.
    And COMUNICATION is absoulutly the most important thing,
    If you guys aren't talking all the time everyday as you head into this it won't work and somebody will get hurt.
    I could talk about limits, freedoms,punishments expectations,dutys, public, private rules all day but none of it matters if your not COMUNICATING with each other.

    we are very slowly entering this sort of situation, and for now we are letting it naturally evolve as we go, seeing what works and what dosent,and it is not easy.
  3. SilenceMyPet

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    Thank you EZRA so far that is the best advice I have received.

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    Ezra's the best :)

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