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    After spending half the night 'accidentally' letting boobs/ass slip out of my robe and flashing my guy, he finally cornered me and told me he knew what I was doing and what I wanted but I played innocent and insisted that since we had agreed to wait so I was being good.

    I had told myself that if he backed off I would leave it, in spite of major horniness on my part. Well he did for awhile but by the time I said I was headed to bed he made his move. I put up a half hearted fight until he had wrestled me onto the sofa, he knew he had me by then anyway. We kept it petty tame but I think I was so pent up I didn't care what happened. I went to bed floating and have some lovely bite marks this morning so I'm very happy :D

    Just wanted to tell the world I got me some :p

  2. Virtual high five :)
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    It is amazing how body parts accidentally fall out of our clothes huh, or oh my did I forget to put a shirt on?!?!? How the hell did that happen?
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