Ginger - safe for penetration?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. My master has recently expressed a desire to penetrate me in both holes with a piece of fresh ginger. Apparently, once inside, it warms up and can increase to a burning, so although curious, I'm also a bit apprehensive about doing this.

    So, does anyone else here have any exprience with this, who can give me any advice?
  2. subspace

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    OLP, where did MOP get this idea? I have never heard of it but thought that maybe depending on how he heard about it would be a good place to start for information.

    OLP - google the word 'figging" for a bunch of information. Let us know how it goes. What a brave puppy you are!!
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  3. master jey

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    I dont sink it's a good idea...
    you shoul'd ask some doctor not us or doctor thet is on our forum as well :)
  4. Find out if it is safe. We are interested.
  5. I got the idea from reading on from a link someone put up here.
    I shall try and find it.
    I shall also try this on myself first, as I wouldn't put her through something I wouldn't do, and also, to be able to empathise with her during this, although, I don't think it's too heavy.

    Found it . . . . . . . .
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  6. Nyx

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    This is fairly common in the strictly spanko world. It's used to keep the cheeks apart so the one being spanked can't tighten without causing the ginger to burn. A rather wicked punishment. :p

    Most people feel a mild tingling or burning sensation with some people saying it had no effect at all. Only one person I talked to said it burned too much for her.
    I haven't heard of vaginal penetration, but I'm sure you can find something on it!
  7. Master_J

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    I would be weary of this Master of Puppies, this type of thing could cause great irritation of the scrotum and anal tissue, and could cause a rash. Also check if puppy might be allergic to raw ginger. And what if a piece breaks off in her?

    i just wouldnt do it. Puppy could really suffer from something like this. but thats just my opinion, of course its up to you and puppy to decide
  8. I just looked at the link...bloody hell, that's some preparation involved, all that cutting and shaping, and getting it down to the exact about attention to detail! :eek:
  9. Master_J

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    well puppy hopefully you like it.... if not, ill just say i told ya so lol :p
  10. master jey

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    looks like my basement...
  11. Maybe you put a link up, I'm not sure . . . I found it again on Google.
  12. Basement? oh dear, we not going there then. If it was bloody heaven then we just might come over for tea
  13. master jey

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    well i don't really expect guests in bloody hell ( basement ) if you want bloody heaven then come to my village house it's really a heaven...bloody heaven
  14. Sparrow69

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    ginger is generally safe, however make sure you have a large enough ginger root to start with, because yes, your going to have to cut it down. Make sure its wet before insertion, and if you use a petroleum based lubricant, it will have little to no effect. Also, i wouldn't suggest vaginal insertion, as it can cause damage to the nerves inn the g-spot... just food for thought, pun intended...
  15. Traveler

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    You just reminded me of the time I squirted Ben Gay in my twat...never again...

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