Best gag to use?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Apr 7, 2009.

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    My master has recently bought me a rubber ball gag, and I love it to bits. It's my first 'proper' one, and prior to this I've usually only been made to wear a scarf of some kind tied around my mouth, or more often have my mouth taped shut.

    I am generally fine with this gag, but one drawback I've found is the fact that my mouth fills up with saliva, and with the ball in place, this is extremely difficult to swallow down. On one occasion I was finding it difficult to breathe as a result, and when I tried to swallow it down, I choked on it. This was understandably scary, especially as my master had to be in a different room at that moment. He came straight back to me the second he heard me choking, and luckily I had recovered by the time he reached me, but it was still pretty frightening.

    Has anyone else had any similar experiences, or can you provide any advantages and disadvantages of other types of 'proper' gags?
  2. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Well to be honest that is why I liked the whiffle gag. Problem is, it pinches and shreds the sides of my mouth when a simple string is used to hold it in place
  3. Sashalust

    Sashalust Member

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    My husband and I use a ball gag that has several holes in it to allow easy breathing and secures with a soft leather strap. I can wear it without any discomfort and it also fits perfectly with the mask that we have recently purchased as well. I'm not sure of exactly what the name of it is, seeing how it came with an entire set of leather shackle/harness device, which is also lots of fun and when properly secured leaves the person completely helpless and at the mercy of the other. The ball gag was made to attach to the collar of the harness, but the leather is well made and so does not cut into the flesh or anything even with a little bit of struggling.
  4. magnum

    magnum New Member

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    well you know about the saliva.. this is what the gag was made for - to make you drool

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    Obedient little puppy was drooling for Wales last night, doing the dirty doggiestyle thing.:D Ballgag firmly in, hands cuffed behind her, on her knees at the end of the bed. Spent almost 12 hours playing games and cuddles with her, and it felt like two. Damn! We have so much fun with this way of life. :)
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    And did my behaviour last night please you, master?

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    You were a very good little puppy. The answer is yes. :)

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    *jumps up and gives my master lots of lovely wet sloppy doggy kisses* :)
  9. Nyx

    Nyx Member

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    I haven't been made to wear a gag yet, but I've been told it might happen if I can't keep my mouth under control. :p

    Puppy, did you prefer the scarf or tape?
  10. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    I have been gagged with a torn bedsheet now..., I loved it, strangely enough it is more comfortable than most gags I have seen..., I would love to try a ring gag, and some of the muzzle style gags, so long as master doesn;t get the one with the toilet scrub brush. I refuse to have my face so close to something so unsanitary.

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    To be honest, I preferred the tape, it was really comfortable and something about the smell and taste really gets to me ;)

    I'd like to have a ring gag too, and a penis gag, not to mention a lovely bone gag I saw online somewhere. Looks like I need to start saving up :)
  12. janettranny22

    janettranny22 New Member

  13. rikkiann

    rikkiann New Member

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    i guess the best gag is just when he stuffs my panties in my mouth and tapes my mouth closed. it just feels more humilating. my least favorate is the ring gag. It is good if he intends to keep you gagged for longer periods but i have when the drool is running out of mouth down my breasts and body. As with any gag he never leave you alone as you found out

  14. serodio

    serodio Banned

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    Try using rubber hose or tourniquets. IMHO, using rope for any gag is no good. Whiffle gags are my preferred ever since I had a girl pass out on me from a solid ball gag.
  15. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    what is a tournequet?
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