early dreams/fantasies you had in the beginnings

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by princedorian, May 21, 2011.

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  1. princedorian

    princedorian Member

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    I've been thinking about the genesis of our fetishes and decided to start a thread on whatever early dreams or fantasies You might have had in Your childhood or later, that indicated/hinted at your future fetish. Your preferences might not have been developed yet, but You had those strange dreams, etc. I'll be writing some of my early experiences as well.
    For me it all started with the dream (I could have been 12-13), in which I was in the middle of the huge field of barley. It was very hot and I remember standing there naked, with some unknown force pushing me mentally to start running down the sandy path. After some time I got tired, fell down couple of times, but all this time I just knew there is something behind me demanding me to get up and run. I started pleading and crawling as I was too tired to walk, but there seemed to be no answer.
    I felt humiliated and vulnerable, and completely helpless. when I woke up, however, I didn't consider it a nightmare, I was strangely aroused.
    What were Your experiences?
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  2. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    That's a good one! My fantasies early on, about the same age, were about being naked around a lot of older women who were fully clothed. I tried many times to get myself in that situation but it's obviously hard to do. Finally one day at the beach I went into the wrong showers (oddly, by mistake) when it was empty. Suddenly, as I was naked a bunch of older ladies (seemed old at the time, probably in their 30s) came in and started laughing at me. A couple made fun of my small dick, which at the time didn't even have that much hair and was even smaller than it is now. It was profoundly humiliating but extremely arousing for years after that.
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  3. SlaveLuna

    SlaveLuna New Member

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    When I was around 12 or 13 I used to lay awake at night fantasizing about being locked up in a cage and being beaten and abused. I used to dream about it and apparently I talk in my sleep some, so that got kind of embarrassing. Anyway, my first fantasies involved me being restrained, before I even knew that was something people did. I drew some pictures of helpless ladies being tied up and I remember that my father found some and I was so embarrassed. I never stopped drawing them, though.. *tee hee* Though.. some of my other fantasies around that time involved animals.. but I'm much too shy to talk about that here! =^_^=
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  4. SFbound4fun

    SFbound4fun New Member

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    I was a HUGE bondage slut right from the beginning ...

    I remember playing cowboys and indians when I was very young and was always trying to get the older girls in the neighborhood to tie me up and leave me in the grass. Or get my sisters to play "Houdini" and tie me to a coatrack... guess who got to be Houdini ? lol

    Once I became a teenager I would wrap myself in a sheet and tie myself up with every belt, bandana, luggage strap I could lay my hands on.

    And well that was 30-some years ago and I'm still into self-bondage and trying to get the older girl (my wife) to tie me up :D

    Somethings never change ! lol
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