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    i have just joined the forum right now and am wondering if as many dominant memebers or even subs could express there best ideas under the headings

    A) Control, B) light Bondage and C) Humiliation and verbal abuse

    so basically i would like to hear people's best experiences under these headings, how they put them into practice and the feedback they got from there dom/sub after the act was finished.

    i am looking for a general perspective on these three matters and would greatly appreciate and advice i can get. my background is that i am entering the world of dominating and have found a submissive woman...........but this is in a cyber environment so i would love some help from anyone, beginners or experienced members on ways to introduce new ideas into the scene.

    i have done,
    orgasm denial
    e-mails (to be sent to me the next day after i tell her what to do that night), verbal humilation (need more ways of doing it other than saying "slut" as thats boring after a while)

    PLEASE feel free to add your thoughts no matter how experienced your background is!!

    Rory, thanks!
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    Humiliation and control

    One that I really like is when my master makes me send him pictures of my torturing and pleasuring myself. It gets me so turned on but I'm never allowed to come. You could leave a list of things for her to send you every half hour to hour throughout the day. It builds the anticipation of my master coming home and gets me so excited and worked up to please him.

    Another idea we saw recently was a rewards and punishment box, putting different colored cards into a box based on what she has done. It sounds like you are dominate throughout the day too. So if your home and she does not do something to your satisfaction you can tell her to grab a certain color based on how bad she has behaved and that would be her punishment. You can do the same with the rewards. You can also use dice to tell how many swats she gets and what not. There's tons you could do with it.

    Here's the forum, it may explain it better:

    Something else I like to do; my master will tell me to put a vibrator (usually the egg kind) into my pussy. Throughout the day he can tell me to turn it off or on and what setting it should be on. I went over to my mom's while I had it in one day and he told me to turn it on High, so I had to sit there soaking my panties in front of my mom and dad and four siblings...I loved it.

    Those are my suggestions to you. Hopefully you get some more :)
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