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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by peiran, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. peiran

    peiran New Member

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    hey guys

    Looking for some inspirations. I'll appreciat for your ideas.

    I am not very experienced dom. and now an experienced sub invite me to have an afternoon with her.

    I like foot fetish, public humiliation, bondage, force masturbation and oral sex.

    Any ideas to make storyline?

  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Ok, well the first thing to think about is that public humiliation is somewhat advanced play, because you have to figure out ways for no one else to actually realize what you're doing (unless you're playing at a sex club). As a new dom, it just too much of a challenge. So focus on the easy stuff.

    If you like having your feet worshipped, have her lie on her belly and lick and caress your feet. Start with your boots and shoes. After she's worshipped them, have her take off the boots--make her smell the insides. Then have her worship your feet in socks, until you move on to your naked feet. Take your time and build the anticipation a little bit. Also, talk to her while she worships. "I want to see more enthusiasm, bitch! Licking those boots is a privilege, and I'm sure as hell not gonna let you worship my feet until I'm convinced you'll do the job properly." Another good theme is to emphasize that she's worshipping your feet because she's not worthy to touch anything higher up yet. Make your feet a symbol of your power and authority. I sometimes start by making the sub lie on his back and I put my boot lightly on his throat--that speaks volumes.

    When you let her move up to sucking your cock, play the same game. She has to chew on your cock through your pants before you open your zipper and let her chew on the cock through your underwear. One trick I sometimes use is to position the sub between my thighs and then hold his head an inch from my cock, with it just out of reach, and force the boy to praise my cock and beg to touch it. Let her lick it before she can put it in her mouth.

    I can't emphasize enough how important the verbal game is. Most subs enjoy having a dom talking to them, telling the sub how superior the dom is, how worthless the sub is, what high standards the dom has, and so on. If you can get good at the verbal game, subs will overlook a host of flaws. I've been told that many doms aren't very good at verbal play, so getting good at it will help you stand out.
  3. Knots

    Knots Member

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    Just to help you incorporate as many of your interests as possible...you could have her perform to entertain you to earn the right to give you oral, denying her the right to orgasm ("you can only cum when I say you can, bitch" for instance) throughout and then letting her give you oral (whilst she still lusts for release) before finally letting her cum ("You've served me well, so you shall now be rewarded").

    This'd fit quite easily into Sebastian's anticipation scheme^^. Good luck xd.
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  4. peiran

    peiran New Member

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    Thanks for the ideas Sebastian and Knots. Both are critical to me.
    Now I can make the plan based on these.

    Only thing lacking is the foot fetish. Actually what I mean is not worship to my feet. I like lick girls nylon feet and have a foot job. But it seems like a sub's action but not dom. what can I do to add it into the plan?
  5. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Almost anything that seems purelly a submissive's part can be done for a dom's pleasure :) . In your case, you could simply bondage her and do whatever you like with her feet. It will be an additional reminding to her that every part of her body belongs to you, and you can both punish or carress them :)
  6. kajmir

    kajmir Member

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    Domination is only partly actions, presentation is pretty, big.
    You want to rub, touch, lick feet, then do it like you own it.
    Which...being her dom, you do!
  7. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yeah, HisFox and Kaj both have it right. If you're the one with the foot fetish, orchestrate the scene so you get the pleasure of her feet. Make her beg you to kiss her feet--it's a privilege to have a dom pay attention the sub in any way at all. Make her wear shoes that really hit your pleasure buttons. Do you like women in 6 inch stillettos? Then she needs to buy some and learn how to walk in them. Or if you like stinky feet, she may not wash them.
  8. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Yeah, to develop Sebastian's idea, if you like it "smelly" it would make her feel very shameful, as she will have to let you kiss and lick her feet while she knows they smell :)
  9. Knots

    Knots Member

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    HisFox, Kaj and Sebastian have got it right; it's all about presentation. You could do it via foot inspections ("I'll only play with the rest of you if your feet are up to scratch."), direct degradation ("you aren't good enough to have my attention anywhere else than your feet"), a reward ("you've been so good that I'll play with your lovely little feet), etc...

    Possibilities are limitless. Go have fun with her feet xd.
  10. peiran

    peiran New Member

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    Thanks guys
    Appreciated for the ideas. I'll come back later and tell you what happen.
  11. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Yes, please, we are interested of your results :)
  12. peiran

    peiran New Member

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    Hi Guys I am back to report the date with the sub now.

    The whole story was:

    I knocked the door of her room in a flat on time. I knew her, so there was nothing surprise. She wore as my request, a cheap T-shirt like schoolgirl.
    I shut the door and told her now I am in control here, is your fucking pussy wet?
    She said no. I said it was good. Then I raped her just wanted to make her know she was nothing but toy for me. She was scared at first, but soon enjoyed the force sex.
    Then after sex, I left her along and watched the TV and ignored her for a while.
    After about a hour, I asked her to put a remote vib in the pussy and went out for lunch. She was nervous but excited by the sudden shocks on the way and in the café.
    Then we went to home, but on the way I asked her to go to the adult toy shop with me. There she asked help from the guys working there about how to select the nipple suckers. I pretended not know her. She was so embrace but exciting. After 10 mins she bought a pair and went to home. I followed her to the home.

    After tied her up, used vibs and suckers to make her to almost cum. Then stopped using all. She begged cum, but I told her she was nothing but toy, so I do what I want. Then use her feet with fishnets a footjob.
    Then keep her in a uncomfortable position about one hour, fucked her again. She cum at last.

    I like this session. make her consider her self as total toy.

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