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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by sluttysub, May 7, 2010.

  1. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

    I'm just curious, how many doms use silent commands in certain situations? Or are they always verbal commands?

    My husband doesn't quite consider himself a dom yet, but we are definitely progressing in the bedroom. He doesn't doesn't give me verbal commands, they are always silent, but undeniably still commands. For instance, sitting on the edge of the bed, waving a hand over his hard dick and giving me a certain look. It's not really a look I've seen before this started, I swear, his eyes pierce me! Or he'll forcibly move me into the position he wants. Like the other night, I got ahead of myself in the shower and dropped to my knees to suck him without his 'command', he pulled me back up to a standing position by my nipples, giving me a hard look and then turned me, pushed me roughly down so that I was bent over and proceded to spank me (best one yet, btw :D ).

    I'm just wondering how many doms use this technique? Is this him getting his feet wet and getting a feel for the new role? Either way, I'm loving it. The look alone can get me wet. ;)
  2. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    sounds steamy

    very, very steamy :D
  3. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

    It is, it is!!! :D
  4. Mine too! Someone needs to teach my wife that!
  5. sluttysub

    sluttysub Member

    Lol, that's not even half of it! It was a very hot scene. :D

    So none of your masters use this technique?
  6. My master sometimes uses movements rather than words, like forcing his foot between mine to make me open my legs for example. I like this, and I also like hearing him giving the order. And he is also one for giving really, seriously intense looks *shivers with pleasure* :)
  7. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    We've spent all this time trying to be more vocal during scenes that this might be counter-productive right now for us.

    but, in just 33 days my master and I are going to be together again! So it could be fun to try!!
  8. I use silent commands more often than not with my slave due to necessity with kids around... so much can be said with a look. I also use many one word commands which he had to learn back when he first became my slave.
  9. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    sometimes i use movements instead of words (actually i use silent commands when i'm angry at my sub :D) it's something like you're denied to listen to my voice :D
  10. PrettyInInk

    PrettyInInk New Member

    Yea... I get a fair amount of being shoved, yanked, picked up and put places.... I like a verbal command quite a bit, but I love the non-verbal even better :)
  11. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    I tend to prefer voiced commands, in part because I often blindfold my subs, and in part because it get off on verbal abuse.
  12. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    It highly depend son my mood, but i tend to switch back and forth between verbal and non verbal commands, and if I feel its something a sub should already know, its definitely not a verbal command, but more of a menacing glare and as your husband does, I'll put them as they should be and make sure they remember.
  13. Amuk

    Amuk Member

    For me, it's the same as Sparrow, it depends on my mood. Unlike Sebastian though, I'll still use certain non-verbal commands even when a sub is blind-folded; physical commands similar to the ones you described actually. In fact, using silent communication is one of my favorite ways to give commands.
  14. Tumbl3

    Tumbl3 Member

    I use more nonverbal than I do verbal. My sub's a brat so nonverbal works better. I actually don't glare, instead I give him an evil/pleasant smile, and he'll stop whatever he is doing and be like, "Please don't punish me."

    -shrugs- it works for me, but I'm going to work more on the verbal commands too.
  15. LivingWorkofArt

    LivingWorkofArt New Member

    My fiance has given me that look before. I have to admit... It's the sexiest thing he'll ever do that gets me THAT excited THAT quickly. He's not one for extreme domination but there are times where words are not involved. And maybe there shouldn't be?
    As he likes to say "Shh. No words, just emotion."

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