Can some poeple just not wear chastity devices?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Stargazer, Apr 18, 2012.

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    My wife and I reckon that it might be a good idea for me to wear a chastity device. I've done a fair bit of research and have noted the following facts:-

    1) Waist belt designs offer unrivalled security
    2) waist belt designs are shockingly expensive.

    Also, as a larger than avergae chap, I think that a waist belt would not offer the comfort and flexibility I would need for long term everyday wear.

    As a result, I have begun looking at the small chastity cage devices. Similar to the CB series but not exactly the same. Now I know how these work: a ring is slipped over the testicles and the penis and then the cage device locks to the ring.

    So if it slipped on, what is to stop it slipping off again? what is to stop you prodding your way out of it or slipping it entirely if you sit down in a rather snug seat like in that of a car?

    Secondly, after a little bit of self study, I'm not sure how I would get a ring on anyway. My sack seems to be in a permanent state of tight-and-close with only a tiny bit of hang if it gets exceptionally warm. Maybe it isn't helped by my extra weight but surely there's a way around this. Can anyone offer me some pointers?


  2. sebastian

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    I cannot directly speak to chastity devices, since I've never used on. I have, however, used cock rings and other toys which required the genitals to be pulled through a fixed ring. In my experience, what works best with those toys is to get the balls through first, and then work the cock through. This is tricky for me (my balls slide around a lot in my scrotum), so what I do is to tug as much of the scrotal sack through first, and then gently nudge my balls through. Getting the cock to follow suit is a bit difficult. But once I successfully wrangle them all through, they almost always stay in place, because the ring is fairly narrow, so it's easier for them to all hang out in front of the ring rather than to slip back through.
  3. JettOnly

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    You get ones where the ring is hinged, then the cage slips on and they are all locked together
  4. Knots

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    To answer your question: Although you should make sure you use things properly and "fiddle" before giving up, everyone is different. For some people, certain toys may work wonderfully but on others they may be ineffective/uncomfortable/etc.

    Limited specific advice to give. Have never put a boy in chastity.
  5. Stargazer

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    Hmm, okay.

    So the general concensus is that they work for some and not for others. I guess at £20 a pop it's not a terribly expensive mistake to make if it doesn't work... but then, is there a plan-c?

    Thanks for the input.

  6. sebastian

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    Your mistress could simply order you to never touch your cock in a sexual fashion. It takes more willpower, obviously. but doing it that way can be more psychologically intense--you could jack off, but you don't, so it can make you feel her authority more acutely.
  7. Knots

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    I did this with my girl. If she pleasure(s/d) herself without permission, she'd be punished severely. She's now basically conditioned to only do with permission.

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