How to cope with orgasm denial?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ImperialConditioning, Jan 31, 2012.

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    It's enjoyable being denied orgasms, but it can also be frustrating at the wrong times (obviously). I'm only allowed ruined orgasms from my Mistress, no masturbation or normal cumming under any circumstances. I don't personally want to stop because I love the extra boost of obedience it gives me, and I love pleasing my Mistress. We don't use chastity devices because the one we have (one of the CB series) is terrible putting on and taking off; there's always some kind of skin pinching involved and I can't believe that brand of devices are as popular as they are, especially considering the hefty price tag. If I was at least in a device it would cut down on constant temptation, but I don't know which to buy specifically. I'm noticing that there are new silicone devices on the stockroom site, but right now I'm more concerned with wrapping my head around all of this psychologically. Any advice on living this type of lifestyle easier?
  2. sebastian

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    One concern with orgasm denial is that it seems to correlate with increased prostate cancer. So your mistress should allow you one or two orgasms a month for health reasons. Of course she's within her rights to make you beg for them, or tease you into thinking you're going to get permission tonight and then change her mind.

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    I've read that about prostate cancer, but is that still the case with a ruined orgasm? I guess there wouldn't be a scientific study on that lol. For safety I'll heed the advice, thx.
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    Yup obviously they havent dont tests on ruined orgasms or prostate milking, belief amongst the chastity community that just so long as the fluid is being moved away from the prostate regularly then it SHOULD be OK
    But cancer isnt something I would mess around with
    The other things I have read that concerns me is atrophy of the muscles, basically as you are not using them to cum then they become weaker and weaker so after a long period of denial you woulndt actually be able to have a full orgasm, its not dangerous, eventually I think you could exercise them back :)

    I think a device can be a double edged sword from your point of view, in a good way, but it would make you even more aware of your situation and your helplessness because you would feel it all the time
    These are similar to the ones I had a guy in for a while, obviously everyone is different but these seemed comfy for more extended use (days and weeks not months and years tho)

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    thx for the link :) the only thing that makes me nervous about those is that they're still part of the "CB" series... However, the problem area looks better on these models. If you look at the clear plastic versions they have all of these unnecessary pins and spacers at the top. It always seemed like there should be a much more logical way of doing this without requiring a bunch of little plastic pieces you can lose, and without pinching the hell out of your private parts every time you snap it together on some skin. :crying:
  6. JettOnly

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    Yes I didnt even see the fact it was a CB model till later. I am pretty sure my guy had it on for a week with no problems, he was quite, ermm skinny but he said the only 'problem' was when he got a little excited and the head king of swelled out of the bars at the bottom, when that rubbed against his clothes it was a little like an electric shock - but he liked that
    He also was taking it off up to 3 times a day and had no problem going back into the cage afterwards
    But yup everythignn does seem overly complicated!
    what about those teeth rings? Kali I think they are called - pretty simple, not to bulky and wonderfully evil

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