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  1. fluttershy

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    does anyone know how to brand safly? at some point my master would like to mark me as his and we would both like it if he did it. so does anyone know anything about how to do it? if the help of a professional is absalotly neccarey? etc? thx
  2. Smallest

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    If you don't get someone who's a professional to do it, there's a good chance it'll turn out incredibly bad. Also, you have to remember that getting a "brand," hot or otherwise, is like tattooing your boyfriend's name on you. Wait until you are incredibly settled down and serious in the relationship.

    If you do mean hot branding or scarification instead of a tattoo, I really advise against it. Putting the scars on puts you at risk of cutting to deep and bleeding out, and burns become infected incredibly easy.
  3. fluttershy

    fluttershy Member

    if a profecional did it would it still be likly to become infected? we are engaged so settling down isnt an issue for us anymore. we thought of a tatto but not sure.
  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Probably, because burning tends to produce weeping sores that are difficult to keep clean even prior to infection. However, a professional would use safer/cleaner tools and better know how to prevent infection and deal with the after effects, as well as produce an even and good looking brand rather than a distorted scar.
  5. fluttershy

    fluttershy Member

    kk thx u. my master is reconsidering this. maybe we will try tatto when finaces alow.
  6. sebastian

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    Brands, scars, and tats are best saved for when you know you're in it for the long haul. Imagine going through the suffering of getting a brand, only to break up a year later, and then having to live with the brand for the rest of your life. Tats can be removed with lasers, although it's painful, so they are probably a slightly lower commitment than a brand or scar. But I would suggest leaving permanent mods for an anniversary gesture.

    Brands and scars can be done safely, but they require an experienced practitioner. They aren't something to read a book or web article about and then go and do, for all the reasons Smallest pointed out. If you're really interested in getting one, find someone experienced. You might ask at your local tattoo parlor or fetish shop. Get recommendations, ask to see examples of their work, and ask how much experience they have doing it. Ask where they learned to do it, and whether they have first aid training in case something bad happens (or if they will have someone with first aid training present). And don't go cheap--you're gonna wear this your whole life, so go to the expense of getting it done right.

    If you decide to get a scar or brand, plan out the image carefully. Remember that scars aren't completely controllable, so it's probably best to avoid complex patterns--they might wind up looking just like a mass of scar tissue.

    I'm not any sort of expert about this--I've never done body mod and don't have much interest in it (although I could see getting a tat on a permanent slave). So my comments above are based on common sense and a little reading on the subject. Don't take my word for it--do your research.
  7. fluttershy

    fluttershy Member

    by aniversery do u meen like after we have been married 4 a while? or can u think of any other way to simbolize that i am his?
  8. Fluttershy,
    To be realistic for a moment, here in the UK I believe that 3 out of 4 marriages end in divorce. My understanding is that it's an even higher divorce rate in the US.

    You are 18 years old. Picture yourself at 28, back in the dating scene with what essentially amounts to a deliberate scar on your body.

    Do you think your chances will be better or worse?

    Now something for your Master to consider. Right now maybe a brand seems like a cool idea. But if you are seriously committed to this lady then (thinking purely selfishly) you want her to look her best for as long as possible. I honestly don't think branding her is a good way to achieve that.

    Here's an idea. Fluttershy shaves her pussy. Get a small tatto in that area. If she stays committed, she stays shaven and the tattoo is there for her Master to see it.

    If either of you changes your mind, just let the hair grow back.
  9. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Yes, I believe that's what he means.

    There's lots of jewellery. Obviously your wedding ring or another ring. Lots of people have a subtle collar made that they can wear 24/7 without it looking too obvious in public.

    Stanley- I believe it's around 1/2 in Canada and the states, but I haven't seen any recent statistics.

    The only problem with the pubic hair thing is that lots of girls like keeping it shaved, and most boys prefer it, so that might mean an annoyance to keep it covered.

    I still agree a tattoos a good way to go, though (and with the rest of stuff he said). Maybe something more subtle than a brand/name/whatever that symbolized him, and maybe on your back. Then it doesn't matter if you get sick of it (that's the advice I hear from most people who have tattoos anyway- get your first one where you won't be looking at it all the time).
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  10. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yes, by anniversary I meant your wedding (or collaring) anniversary. Stanley hit it on the head--too many young people get a tattoo that references a bf or gf, on the assumption that they will be together forever. But statistically, you're not likely to find your life partner before your late 20s. The number one best predictor of divorce is age at marriage. Almost all marriages in which the spouses are under 20 end in divorce. The second most likely indicator is income--an overwhelming number of marriages of people below the poverty line end in divorce (this is why the statistic of 50% US divorces is misleading--among the middle and upper classes, the rate is much lower). So when young people marry in their late teens or early 20s, when they are young, inexperienced, and poor, they are pretty much guaranteeing the person they marry will eventually be their ex.

    So don't assume that your current master is the one you will be with most of your life. He might be--some people do beat the odds--but don't commit to things that you might regret if the relationship ends. Save the permanent marks for after your relationship has stood the test of time. Getting a tattoo or a brand becomes more meaningful when it becomes a symbol not just of your current love, but of years of past love as well.
  11. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Also regarding what Stanley said- it isn't only a matter of faith. What if something happens to him? Maybe something his fault (leaving you, getting incarcerated, etc), or maybe he gets in an accident and ends up a vegetable. Of course any decent future partner would understand that you don't want to forget him, but early on, before they know all that, the brand would be a kind of scary turn off for them, and even later, it would probably make it harder for you to move on.

    Also, what if you're not into kink after a couple years?
  12. fluttershy

    fluttershy Member

    didnt relizie that u could stop having a particular kink. (thought it was kinda hard wired) that is deffently somthing to think about. know odds are not in our favor and i think about that alot but we are both determined to make it work. we will think about tatto. only problum with that is that my master likes me to have hair down there. though he liked it when i shaved it into a heart so maybe we could use that and just maintain it real good. colar thing also sounds like a good idea. thx 4 all u guys help on everything btw :)
  13. Ladygenuine

    Ladygenuine New Member

    What about a hood ring with his name engraved on it?
  14. fluttershy

    fluttershy Member

    think that might get n the way during sex tbh. wouldnt want it pulling and hurting all the time.
  15. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I think most people with clit piercings don't find them to get in the way. Either way, a piercing with special jewellery is a good idea, and a lot lower impact/safer

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