Erotic enemas

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by curiousgirl, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member


    I recently came across a site on the net, where girls were given forced erotic enemas. ( I have to admit i always like the idea of most kind of anal games, and this one is appealing too.

    I have no experience on this field, i have never been given one, not even as a kid.

    I would like to ask everyone, who has some experience to share it with me. What does it feel like? What does one have to be careful about? Is it true it can cause cramp? If yes how can it be avoided? Which is the best way to administer it? Could too many of them become dangerous? What equipment does one need? I know there are several kid, but which is the best?

    thx for anyone sharing experience.
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  2. west01

    west01 New Member

    I've tried it a few times with enemas. not bad, can be pleasure. If you like anal play you should
    have a enema before.and don't use enemas too often.
  3. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

    Thx the answer. I took your advise and tried it. It was a lovely experience (not the expelling part, mind you, thats a bit disgusting, but the rest felt really nice.) I used an enema ball, next time i suppose i will try one of those bags.(I will take a long brake before trying:) ) I hope if i'll have a bf/husbend he wont think im utterly mad. Them giving me an enema before (a shower and) anal sex would be ten times better. (Expelling alone, lol, i dont suppose that wouldmake them excited:p) But i like the idea of the humiliation it would hold...or sucking a cock while letting the water trickle in. Yeah, i definately want to try that.
  4. sparkie

    sparkie New Member

    using enemas

    Normally, in a BDSM situations , the enemas is not used to give pleasure but cramps. A dominant who knows their stuff can safely have you in a long uncomfortable training situation. You must be very carefull of the liquids you use and have proper equipment. Some equipment is easy to get but things like a Bardex with inflatable tips are hard to come buy and expensive. Plus each slave has their don't want to transmit anything.
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