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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Andy, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Andy

    Andy New Member

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    I personally love having my balls spanked. I'm curious as to how other men feel about having their balls spanked. For me it's something I can handle more and more over the closer to orgasm I am. It makes it easier for me to cum, and if it continues after orgasm but the stroking stops like a ruined orgasm, it doesn't ruin my orgasm. It's hard for me to describe what the orgasm is like because it is definately different, but it runs its course and I'm satisfied afterwards. Has anyone else had similar experiences with ball spanking?

  2. martin

    martin New Member

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    Andy, I adore to have my balls twisted and squeezed, I'm going to have to find a willing slapper to try the slapping

  3. Nicolas

    Nicolas New Member

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    Hi Andy

    Not only my balls, but my cock too! A well timed 'paint stick' slap to the underside of the head when I'm close to orgasm drives me over the edge and I mean drives me over.

    Like you, I can handle harder blows the closer to orgasm I am, and once orgasm begins to fade, the blows must soften or they become extremely painful!

  4. gwendoline

    gwendoline New Member

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    Although my cock and balls are usually quite tender, as I assume are most, it amazes me how much punishment I can take down there.
    If my Mistress has put me into bondage and ‘warmed me up’ with a long but gentle whipping to my back and backside I know that She intends to concentrate between my legs when She fastens my ankles apart with a spreader bar.
    She will taunt me by having me look at Her high heeled boots that She knows I love to worship and then may start off with a fairly soft kick to my balls but by the end my cock will literally be black and blue from the numerous strokes of her leather tawse, rubber cat’o’nine and her riding crop.
    Any protests from me will be answered by being gagged. If I have not cum from the punishment, just the touch of Her soft warm hand will do the trick and I will be released to lick the mess off the wooden floor and may be allowed to kiss Her boots in thanks.
  5. ytreeman

    ytreeman New Member

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    I love having my balls spanked. Wife does this every Saturday morning before sex. My favorite position is from behind, bent at the waist with hands on knees but she prefers me on my back with her holding my dick with one hands while she administers usually twenty spanks. I have to count, thank her , and ask her to spank/slap my balls/nuts again after each spank. I also like being on my elbows and knees with ass arched high to give her a better target. She uses her hands or bare foot. Her strokes are hard enough to create discomfort but not intense pain. Just enough to provoke a moan and body movement. It is hard to keep my knees apart knowing that my bag is about to be spanked again. There are some good movies about this on I have never had anyone else do this but would experiment under the right circumstances.
  6. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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    some years ago my Icelandic Mistress introduced me to needles...and she used the needle in the underside of the cock to masturbate me...I could cum just from the needle being probed into the underside of the cock..
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