A Cockfight Story - Slave versus Slave For Mistresses Honour

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    The story below I wrote for Mistress that I have been corresponding with recently. She and Master may grant me the Honour of serving as a cockfighting slave for them. I long for the day :)

    It seemed like an eternity for the day to arrive. In fact it was like I had spent my whole adult life in preparation for this. It had only been a short period of time since I had become the property of Master and Mistress - and how time had flown since this had happened. After some initial meetings, training and tests Master and Mistress had agreed that I was ready.

    I had helped Master prepare the arena for the upcoming event. It was a medium sized room - and the scene of many past play sessions over Master and Mistresses long involvement in the scene. A table stood at one end with some light refreshments. A series of chairs and lounges were arranged in a U shape around the room. A small table was placed just outside the open end of the U. This table had a number of vital pieces of equipment, hidden by a black cloth. In the centre of the U, a set of mats (similar to those in a gym) had been set up. These mats came close to the front of the lounges and chairs. The room itself had soft lighting - lit black candles on two candelabras in opposite corners helped the low voltage lights on the chandelier. The windows were covered with dark crimson curtains. The temperature was warm, but not overwhelming - just enough to cause a light sweat.

    The guests - all specially invited by Master and Mistress started to arrive mid morning, and were ushered into the playroom. In total 5 guests - Mistress Skye, Mistress Anna with her female slave and Master John and Mistress Jade. They all changed into their fetish wear, except for Mistress Anna’s slave who wore only a collar. Light refreshments were had as they waited for the other key "guests" to arrive. Master and Mistress mingled and discussed the upcoming event. I was required to wait in the corner wearing a black leather mask that covered my head and face. It had holes for my eyes and nose and an opening for my mouth – other than that my face and head was completely covered. Other than that I was naked except for a collar and a cock ring. The guests were invited to inspect me and assess my suitability for the event. Mistress Skye came over and ran her dark nailed fingers over my chest and down my stomach. I tensed, however being under instruction from Master not to interact with any guests, I simply looked down. She fondled my cock and felt my balls. "Adequate cock on your new slave" she commented to Master. Master nodded "it looks good - but lets see how it performs in a proper test" Mistress Anna and Master John came over. He asked Master to order me to touch my toes. I of course complied without hesitation. Master Jon opened my arse cheeks and felt the resistance of my sphincter. Mistress Anna cupped my balls. "mmmm - not bad" said Master John. "Lets see how good they look after the event" responded Mistress Anna with a hint of anticipation in her voice. "As you were" ordered Master. I stood back up and looked at the ground. Master continued small talk with the guests. I stood in the corner with my cock half erect and pre-cum beginning to form on its tip.

    Mistress came into the room "Look who has just arrived" she announced coldly. Entering the room behind Mistress was Master James and Mistress Bianca. I was not privy to the history between Mistress and Mistress Bianca. All I knew is that they loathed each other and each had a point to prove over
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    the other. Being led on a leash by Mistress Bianca was their slave. He was 5'11" tall and wore just a black overcoat and a mask. "Place him in that corner" suggested Mistress and pointed to the opposite corner to the one I was in. Mistress Bianca led her slave over to the other corner and ordered him to take off his jacket. His mask was identical to mine – full faced except for eyes, nose and moth holes. In addition he had on a leather G-string with a hole through which his half erect cock protruded. I noticed that it was similar to mine in size but circumcised. His body was also similar in shape, weight and height – an even match-up. "Feel free to inspect our Champion" said Master James "you will be impressed when comparing him with that" as he pointed to me. Master John went over and did a similar inspection as that he performed on me. The slave was bent over and his arse tested for strength, his balls weighed in palms and his cocked tapped. "not bad either...should be a good match." The small talk continued for another 10 or so minutes as the other slave and I waited in each corner.

    At last Master asked for quiet "Welcome everyone - would you be so kind as to take your seats. The guests seated, with Mistress Anna's slave sitting at her feet. Thankyou for coming over to what we expect to be an interesting day. As you may be aware, Mistress and I have recently acquired a new slave. You will also be aware that Mistress and Mistress Bianca have some long-standing disagreements. The other day they ran into each other in town and things got heated. During the exchange Mistress Bianca claimed that Mistress is all pretence and could not break in a slave to save herself. As a result Mistress challenged Mistress Bianca and the challenge was accepted. Mistresses slave versus Mistress Bianca's slave in a marathon cockfight. The winning slave will prove who is the superior mistress" At this point Mistress Bianca glared at Mistress "we all know what the answer to that is" she hissed. "Yes we do" responded Mistress "my slave will prove my superiority " "Thank you Mistresses" Master quickly interrupted to avoid any more conflict "let the cockfight determine that".

    "Let me explain how things will happen" said Master. "This is an afternoon of contest, competition, endurance and pain for our pleasure and for the honour of Mistress and Mistress Bianca. A number of themes based around cockfighting will happen. To start with however, we need to prepare the slaves for the event. Mistresses, please fetch your slave"

    Mistress moved from her chair and came over to me. She took my leash and led me into the centre of the arena. Next to me stood the other slave with Mistress Bianca holding his leash.

    Master continued: “To make things even and expose all possible parts of the body to combat both slaves will be naked…except for their collar and mask. Both mistresses want it crystal clear to each other that their slaves are nothing but expendable playthings: cocks, balls, arseholes, mouths and bodies that will inflict and absorb pleasure and pain for their Mistresses honour and our amusement. Identity or facial expressions are of no consequence. All that matters is the shuddering, tensing, sweating and straining of bodies, dripping of cocks, pulsing of arses and the cries of anguish as they destroy each
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    others cocks, balls and arseholes for their respective mistresses. Obviously the collar signals ownership by their mistress. The mask is their mistresses commitment and reinforcement that each slave is willing to inflict and withstand whatever is required to honour its Mistress.”

    Hearing Master sent a chill down my spine while at the same time my cock dripped precum in anticipation. The gravity of the situation I was in was starkly apparent. Here was I and another slave, reduced to expendable tools of combat, about to pit our cock, balls, arsehole and body against each other for our Mistresses honour…to willingly allow the other unfetterd access to our manhood. I knew it would ultimately be unfetterd…this much I knew of Mistress ... She enjoyed seeing her slaves willingly take pain without being able to defend in any way...and even more she liked the test of endurance if her slave was only bound by will or desire to serve…no restraints. Without doubt some of the contests to come would involve mutual torture without the opportunity to defend. Master and Mistress are bound to have thought up some twisted activities that involved myself and the other slave mutually mauling each others cock and balls to see who would break first. I shuddered at the thought. It filled me with dread but at the same time my masochistic side looked forward to the ordeal: the thought of me with the other slaves cock in my hand…mine in his…each knowing that what we did for Mistress the other would return. Such a diabolical and dreadful symetry of pleasure and pain for Mistress – anything for Mistress.

    Master nodded to both mistresses "Please make sure the cocks are fully exposed for combat” Mistress took off my cock ring. Mistress Bianca peeled off her slaves G-string. "To help in the fight and make things interesting each slave will be oiled". Mistress picked up a bottle of oil and poured it over my chest and stomach. "feel free to help" she laughed at the guests. Each guest helped rub the oil over both slaves, paying particular attention to each slaves cock, balls and arsehole. "Make sure that arse is oiled" Mistress Bianca sniped at Mistress "he will need it when my slave pushes its cock to its hilt in there!"

    The oiling came to a conclusion. “Each mistress would like to ensure that each slave knows who the other truly belongs too” said Master “Mistresses – you may now mark your slaves”. Mistress stood in front of me, took off her skirt and ordered “slave: Eat my pussy until your mask drips with my nectar. I want Misttress Bianca’s thing to smell me every time you lock up in combat” I gently spread Mistresses pussy lips with my fingers, breathed in her goddess scent and began to work on her clit with my tongue. After a small period of time circling her clit I moved down and plunged my tongue into her pussy. The aroma was heavenly: strong and musky. Mistress must have been anticipating the upcoming combat as she was already dripping. “Don’t you drink too much slave!” Mistress snapped “The purpose is to scent you, not reward you” I complied and began to rub my masked face across her dripping pussy. Soon the mask was shiny with pussy juice from the top of the forehead to the chin. “Enough” stated Mistress “Lie down” I lay in front of Mistress. “Hold that cock up for me” I held the base of my cock as Mistress slowly lowered herself down its length. She moved up and down slowly a few
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    times moaning softly as her jiuces dripped down my cock, over my balls and across my arsehole. Mistress then stood up with one foot on either side of my waist. She spread her pussy lips apart and a stream of piss began to fall on my chest. After about 5 seconds this ceased. Mistress smiled and ordered me to clean her pussy with my tongue. I complied immediately and drank in another dose of her goddess pussy juice this time combined with her sweet golden piss. “Enough” she ordered. “Stand up”. I stood next to her again as she replaced her skirt and loosly held my leash. I looked over the other slave and noticed that he was also dripping piss and his mask was noticably shining and wet as he stood waiting next to Mistress Bianca.

    The scenting came to a conclusion. "The first match will be a controlled fight" said Master "each mistress will control their slave with a set of reigns". Master went over to the table and pulled something from under the cloth that he then handed to each mistress. Mistress fitted the reigns on me. It was a leather harness that went around my shoulders and chest. One other piece of leather looped around each of my arms at my elbow. Four sets of leather straps were attached. One behind each shoulder blade and one from each elbow loop. Mistress held each of the four straps and was thus able to control my movement as well as the reach of my arms.

    "The aim of the controlled fight is for your slave to cause the other slave to either verbally "submit", cause the other slave to cum first or if the mistress believes her slave has had enough she may withdraw the slave" stated Master. "rules are no punching or biting and no contact above the neck. Safe word is purple." Master went on "the interesting part is that each mistress controls her slave with the reigns...let the cockfight begin"

    I felt Mistress tighten up the reigns and move me to the centre of the arena. Mistress Bianca similarly moved her slave just out of reach. Mistress loosened my reigns and I moved towards the other slave and grabbed him around the waist. He hugged me around the waist and grunted. Our (now erect) cocks pushed up against each other in their own battle. His precum and my precum joined. As I pulled my lower body back to get more leverage the precum formed a glistening string joining our cocks. "Grab his cock" Mistress commanded. I grabbed the slave’s cock just as he grabbed mine and we began to squeeze. I moved my arm from his waist up to his shoulder and leaned in. I could smell the seet mix of pussy juice and piss mixed with sweat. It was probably the mix of both our mistresses scents as our bodies joined in battle. We then began to wank each others cock "That’s it,” whispered Mistress Bianca "milk that cock for me" "Don't you even think of cumming" stated Mistress coldly and confidently. The other slave and I began to grunt and tremor. In danger of cumming I switch to the slaves balls and gave them a squeeze. He moaned. Mistress Bianca pulled back on his reigns and we parted out of reach.

    Each of us glistened with oil, sweat and precum. Each mistress manoeuvred her slave in a circle facing each other. They both loosened the reign again and we slammed into each other and grabbed arse. I felt out the slaves arsehole with my finger and began to push it in. He tried grabbing my balls as
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    I pushed two fingers deep in his oiled arse. Mistress pulled my away before he could get a good grip. "Afraid of some real contact?" sneered Mistress Bianca "Not at all" responded Mistress "Want to make it interesting?" continued Mistress "What do you have in mind - some idea to protect your soft cocked slave" retorted Mistress Bianca. "Lets see who is more devoted to their mistress" said Mistress "We take turns ordering a move or action. Each slave will do it to the other for the agreed time or until you give in on your slaves behalf" "Or you" chipped in Mistress Bianca. Mistress ignored the comment. "We stop our slave interfering by controlling its reigns - the slave will take whatever we agree. Then we will see who is the better mistress" "Fine with me" responded Mistress Bianca.

    "Your house - you can choose first" said Mistress Bianca "Slaps on the chest" answered Mistress "5 slaps on each side - visitor goes first" Mistress Bianca loosened the reigns. I felt Mistress tighten my reigns and pull back on the elbow restrains so my arms could not interfere. The slave moved closer, grinned and then slapped me once on the left nipple with an open hand. The sound cracked through the room. I stood fast. He started to line up the other nipple. Mistress Bianca pulled back on his elbow restraint. "Don't alternate - do all 5 on one side and then the other. That increases the pain" "Yes Mistress" responded the slave. He then delivered four hard slaps on my left nipple. With each slap the pain increased, but I stood fast. Before he began on the right nipple Mistress offered "I don't mind if you deliver all 10 slaps on one side - slave will take it" Mistress Bianca looked annoyed. "As you wish" Her slave delivered another 5 vicious slaps. My chest burned and was turning red. I let out a yelp but did not move. "You may reciprocate" Mistress said as she loosened my reigns. I moved close and delivered 10 quick slaps to the slave. On slap 8 he half stepped back "don't you dare move" hissed Mistress Bianca "you take it or else" After 10 slaps Mistress pulled me back with the reigns.

    "What next?" asked Mistress "Nipple twist for 10 seconds" responded Mistress Bianca "same nipple" she added with an evil grin. Mistress Bianca let her slave off the reigns as Mistress again tightened mine. The slave grabbed my left nipple hard and cruelly twisted. The pain burned through me and I let out a low groan. Mistress counted to 10. On 10 Mistress Bianca pulled her slave back. My reigns loosened and I moved forward. I bent down and took the slaves nipple and licked to get it really erect. Mistress Bianca appealed "I said twist not suck!" "Don't worry the twist will come" said Mistress as she pulled me back a little. I grabbed the nipple in my thumb and forefinger and twisted. The slave shuddered but said nothing. As Mistress Bianca shouted 10 Mistress pulled me back.

    "My turn" said Mistress Bianca "Ball squeeze - 5 seconds" Her slave approached as Mistress kicked apart my legs very wide and pushed me so my hands touched the ground "I don't want Mistress Bianca claiming you did not allow full access slave" Mistress hissed. The slave weighed my balls and then closed his fist around them. I instantly felt a searing pain in my groin and felt sick in my stomach. "Five" shouted Mistress and the slave let go. "Take the same position slave" ordered Mistress Bianca "I don't want her whinging
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    that you did not allow full access" she added in a mocking tone. Mistress glared at her and loosened the reigns. I grabbed the slaves balls - they felt hot and oily and I could smell the scent of sweaty arse and precum. He shuddered as I squeezed and twisted - starting softly and increasing the pressure. By 4 he let out an "aaaagggghhhh" and gritted his teeth. "Five" and I was pulled back.

    Mistress Bianca just looked at Mistress. "Lets have a change of pace" said Mistress "cock sucking for one minute - if he cums he loses" "Fine by me" responded Mistress Bianca "I'll even let you go first". Mistress smiled and dropped my reigns. "Spread your legs slave" Mistress Bianca ordered "Again - I don't want her winging she did not have full access". The slave spread his legs. I took his erect cock in my mouth and ran my tongue around the rim of his helmet - it tasted salty and tangy with a hint of pussy juice – no doubt from Mistress Bianca. I then began to move down his shaft as I massaged his arse with my fingers. As I continued to lick and suck I felt the slave tense up and his balls tighten. "Don't you dare" hissed Mistress Bianca. At about 50 seconds the slave began jerk "You have to swallow to win" chimed in Mistress. I felt the slaves cock pulse and a load of cum shot into my mouth and down my throat. Mistress Bianca looked angry. Mistress pulled me back and over to Mistress Anna. She then made me kneel in front of Mistress Anna’s slave. “Would you be so kind as to confirm that my slave has performed as instructed?” Mistress requested of Mistress Anna. “My pleasure” responded Mistress Anna “Slave” Mistress Anna instructed her slave “confirm that Mistresses slave has performed adequately” Mistress Anna’s slave crawled up to me and placed her mouth on mine. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and explored. She then pulled back and a thick string of cum trailed her tongue and down her chin. “My Mistress – this slave has done as instructed. He has consumed the other slaves Semen” Mistress Anna’s slave reported to her Mistress. “Good. You may consume what remains in the slave” Mistress Anna responded. Her slave quickly moved back and licked my lips, tongue and inside my mouth greedily consuming what little remained. "Just getting proof" Mistress said sweetly said to Mistress Bianca. "Don't be too cocky" Mistress Bianca responded "lets see how your slave does". Her slave came over to me as I spread my legs. He took my cock in his mouth and began to immediately deep throat. It felt great. As he began to bob his head I started to feel that familiar tightening. "Half way slave" shouted Mistress "You better control that cock of yours" I concentrated on something boring like shopping. "1 minute" shouted Mistress. I breathed a sigh of relief. Mistress was up 1 nil.

    "OK - you like to see slaves fucking - fine. Arse fucking. Same deal. One minute. He who comes looses" stated Mistress Bianca "With Pleasure" responded Mistress " I will even go first to give your slave a chance to recover from his last loss" "Get on you knees slave" Mistress Bianca ordered. "Pull your cheeks open" As I moved over behind the slave I could see his oiled, pink and puckered arse exposed for the taking. "Take him for me" half whispered Mistress. I grabbed the slaves hips, put the head of my cock on his arse and rammed it in to the hilt hard. The slave grunted loudly. "Push back on that cock" Mistress Bianca ordered "you make sure he cums". I
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    started rapidly fucking the slave as he pushed back in rhythm. Given the previous suck-off however, no matter how much I thought about shopping I could not help it. Half way through I tensed, moaned and blew a load of cum deep in the slaves arse. Mistress savagely pulled me back with the reigns. My cock at half mast dripping with cum and oil. "Slave – you have disappointed me” Mistress said coldly. Those words cut through me like ice. "Stop whispering sweet things in your slaves ears" mocked Mistress Bianca "it's too cute...1 all" she shouted.

    "OK Mistress Bianca" stated Mistress in a controlled tone "seeing each slave has blown once - cum competition. Each mistress milks their slave twice in a 20-minute period. We collect the cum in a glass and weigh it. The most cum wins." "Sounds good to me" responded Mistress Bianca "I haven't finished yet" retorted Mistress "The cum is combined in one glass and the losing mistress drinks the cum - and obviously I want to see you roll it around in your mouth – just to make sure you have savoured it" "Cool - but it will be you who will be drinking it " responded Mistress Bianca "If our guests wish to help milk the slaves please feel free." Mistress pushed me over to one of the empty chairs. She began to caress my cock and balls and then commanded me to push my arse forward. She pushed a finger gently into my arse and began to massage my prostate. My cock went into spasm and shot a load of cum into the bowl she held as I yelled out in delight. When I looked around I could see Mistress Bianca milking her slave on the chair opposite. Soon enough he came. "Next round" stated Mistress and she began to massage my limp cock back to life. "Need any lessons in how to milk a prostate" Mistress mocked to Mistress Bianca. Mistress Bianca ignored her. Mistress Anna came over "My slave would benefit from gaining experience in the prostate" she requested. "Happy to let my slave be of service" responded Mistress. Mistress Anna instructed her slave to push two fingers into my arse. "Curve your fingers and feel for a pea sized lump" Mistress Anna instructed. Start to massage it. You will feel the slave respond" Mistress Anna's slave was a quick learner. My half limp cock in Mistresses hand came to life all of a sudden and another load was added to the bowel. "You may wish to provide similar help to the other slave – just to keep it fair" Mistress suggested to Mistress Anna. “I don't want Mistress Bianca thinking I had an unfair advantage.” Mistress Anna's slave went over to the other slave. I could not see properly but soon enough I heard a grunt and another load was added. "Lets finish this" said Mistress impatiently. Master pulled a pair of scales and put Mistresses bowl on them. He then placed Mistress Bianca's bowl on the scales - it was slightly lighter. "Mistress wins" announced Master as he poured both bowls of cum into a crystal wine glass and handed it to Mistress Bianca. Not to be outdone Mistress Bianca slowly drained the glass and then with a grin rolled the cum around her mouth, opening her mouth just enough to let the audience see the white stringy combined load on her tongue before swallowing with a flourish. "Yummy - protein" she laughed.

    Master at this point stepped forward. "I feel it is time for a break. Both slaves have performed well, however I think they need to rest their "assets" and build up some endurance and fluid for the challenges ahead. Mistresses: you may remove the reigns and return you slaves to their rest positions." Mistress
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    pulled my reigns off and ordered me back to the corner. She then went and mingled with the guests. I could see the other slave back in his corner as well. We avoided looking at each other’s eyes. Mistress Anna's slave was serving the lunch. Once the guests were taken care of she brought a bottle of water and a couple of plain bread rolls to me and the other slave. I gratefully drank the water and finished the rolls.

    "Feel free to inspect either slave for condition or damage" Master volunteered to the guests. A number of them came over and began to look closely at the marks on my body. Mistress added "If you want my slave to change position to better inspect him please order him to do so - I will guarantee he complies" "Bend over and spread your arse" ordered Mistress Jade. "Not bad" she commented to no one in particular "His cock still has life in it - a bit battered plus it has a nice covering of dried cum and arse juice. Balls are red and intact - looks like there is some cum still left. His arse is battered but can probably take more" she summarised. "stand back up" she said off handedly as she moved to the other slave to inspect him. The guests completed their lunch over the next half an hour or so.

    Master stepped forward again. "Please take your seats" We will continue the cockfight. No clear leader at this stage and the competition goes on. The next few scenarios are a little more complex but promise to be very interesting" He moved over to the table and pulled out what looked like some type of toy jump starter. "This is an electronic torture device" Master started to explain "A lead goes onto the cock of both parties" as he held up what looked like a cock ring with wires attached. Both parties attached also have a control that determines how much electricity is administered. The twist is that the control effects both people connected to the device equally. The mistresses will hold the controls. Your slave has to be able to take what you dish out to the other slave."

    Mistress ordered me into the arena again and placed the cock ring on me. Mistress Bianca did the same and they both smiled at each other "this should be simple" Mistress Bianca said "I just turn it up to full and watch your slave wilt." Mistress knew the device well as she had designed it. "Master has not finished his explanation - may I" she hissed looking at Mistress Bianca "there are another two leads from the box. These are connected to two metal dildos. They are meant for the slaves arse. Mistress Bianca: would you like to insert the dildo into my slave?” “It would be my Pleasure” Mistress Bianca responded “You may do the same to mine – make sure it is in tight.” Both mistresses moved to the other slave. I felt Mistress Bianca roughly pull my arse cheeks apart. She kindly massaged my arse for a few seconds and then pushed in the dildo firmly. I felt it enter my arse and tried not to think about its purpose. Each Mistress then stood in front of their respective slave and held the controls.

    "Why don't you go first" suggested Mistress. "As you wish" responded Mistress Bianca. Mistress Bianca turned the dial up. A shot of power coursed through my cock. It felt if they would disappear into my stomach. The other slave looked similarly shocked but was silent. Both mistresses stared into
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    each other’s eyes. Mistress Bianca turned the dial off and my cock suddenly dropped. "How kind of you" mocked Mistress. I dreaded what she would do. With a smile she turned the dial and again my cock tightened. She then licked her lips and turned the dial further. My cock was on fire and my balls spasmed. Both mistresses smiled evilly as they gently caressed the dials. "Why don't I help" Mistress Bianca smiled sweetly as she turned her own dial even higher. Mistress smiled back. Both mistresses kept looking in each other’s eyes and kept their hand on their dials. I was in a world of my own pain as my cock continued to spasm. I was actually getting worried as both mistresses made this between themselves only and may have forgotten their property was also attached. Mistress grimaced evilly and turned the dial once more - both myself and the other slave screamed. Both mistresses maintained the dials for a few seconds and then turned the dial off.

    Master at this point interrupted. “I think both slaves have shown that they will take as required. I am not sure continuing this will prove anything more. Shall we declare it a draw? Both mistresses nodded – satisfied with the devotion displayed.

    “Let us move on to the cock joust” announced Master. “Each mistress will cup and hold their slaves balls to ensure they are displayed appropriately and able to be targeted as required. With your other hand you may guide your slaves cock as a weapon.” Master continued “The aim is to use you slaves cock to punish the cock and balls of the other slave. The joust continues until one mistress concedes, or until one or both cocks no are no longer able to hold up as a lance. You may commence when ready”

    Mistress guided me in front of the other slave. She knelt to one side and cupped my balls with her palm. He fingers pointed down so that my balls were fully exposed. With her other hand Mistress held my cock at its base. Mistress Bianca did the same. They placed the heads of our cocks together with the cock holes touching and mingling precum. Mistress pushed me a few inches back and then pulled my cock forward. Both cocks collided and bent slightly. I grunted. Mistress repeated. This time the slave’s cock missed mine and ended colliding into my balls. I swallowed hard as waves of pain expanded outwards. Mistress Bianca smiled. Both mistresses again disengaged our cocks before driving them together. This time both cocks missed each other and ploughed into our respective ball sacks. We both grunted in pain and waited for our mistresses to continue. This they did numerous times, with the precum dripping from our cocks combining in each pass and mingling with the oil to glisten over our cocks, balls and mistresses fingers. Mistress pulled me back again and pushed hard. Again my cock glanced off the other slaves cock head and into his balls. It connected hard and the slave shuddered. His cock began to deflate. Mistress Bianca gave his balls a cruel twist as she conceded.

    Master stood up and proudly announced "Mistress and her slave have won this round and she leads 2 wins to 1." I stood there knowing that my endurance, obedience and devotion had in a small way helped to achieve the score so far.
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    Master again "The next contest is pretty simple - its called "takes the dildo" as he removed a dildo from the table. The dildo had marks on it every 1cm. "Each mistress will insert the dildo into their slave. The slave that takes the most wins. Mistress Anna has kindly offered the services of her slave for this" Master stated as he pointed to the slave sitting at Mistress Anna's feet. "Mistress Anna's slave will suck the cock of the slave as the dildo is inserted. If the slave cums he loses. If Mistress Anna's slave fails in her task to make the slave cum she will be tit slapped, one slap for each cm taken by the slave" "Ingenious" muttered Master John "the faster and more brutal the mistress is in driving the dildo in to the arse of her slave the less chance the slave has of cumming before mistress announces she has stopped"

    "I think it is Mistresses turn to go first" suggested Master. "Get on your knee's and spread your arse" ordered Mistress. I knelt down and spread my knees wide to give Mistress the most access to my arse. "Suck that cock" ordered Mistress Anna. Mistress Anna's slave lay on her back under me and reached up for my cock. Mistress knelt to one side of my arse and held the dildo half way down. She spat on the dildo to give it extra lube. Just as Mistress Anna's slaves lips engulfed my cock Mistress slammed the dildo into my arse. It went in about 3 cm. Mistress grunted and began to rotate the dildo in a small circle as she slowly drove it further into my arse. "Loosen that arse slave" she harshly ordered "you will take all of this dildo without embarrassing me. That hole belongs to me!" I desperately tried to relax my arse muscles and help the dildo enter me. "That’s acceptable slave " she whispered as she drove it in further. Mistress Anna's slave was working my cock over like a professional. I was trying not to come but it was getting close. Mistress gave one more savage push and then announced she was satisfied. Master came over and marked the dildo at 8 cm and then removed it.

    Meanwhile Mistress Anna ordered her slave to stand. She started to caress both her tits and then in one swift movement slapped each tit once. "Request that I continue the punishment" she gently ordered her slave. "Please Mistress punish me again for failing you" Mistress Anna again slapped each tit once and hard. "Please Mistress punish me again for failing you" responded her slave. Mistress Anna caressed each red and swelling tit and then slapped each one hard. Her slave gave out a short grunt but did not move. "Please Mistress punish me again for failing you” Mistress Anna gave two more hard slaps, one on each tit. "You failed to milk the cock, however your obedience has helped redeem you in front of my colleagues - I trust you will be more successful with Mistress Bianca's slave"

    Master gave the dildo to Mistress Bianca. She noted the 8cm notch, showed it to her slave and ordered him on his knees. As she looked in Mistresses eyes Mistress Bianca took great delight in licking and deep throating the dildo to lube it up even though it had a coating of oil, dry cum and arse juice. Mistress Anna's slave took a similar position and began to caress the cock of the slave. Mistress Bianca stated in a low voice "You will take all of this slave - show me your devotion" as she slammed the dildo in. It met no resistance from the slaves arse and quickly moved up to the 6cm mark. "Keep taking it
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    slave" Mistress Bianca responded with, slightly withdrew the dildo and slammed it home again. 7cm. Again Mistress Bianca withdrew the dildo and slammed it home. Still 7cm. "Take it slave - you will take that dildo for me - prove me your obedience" Her slave let out a moan and responded "slam it in again my Mistress - I can take it - please let me prove myself". Mistress Bianca withdrew and slammed once more. 8cm. She continued to push harder but to no avail. She announced she was complete. Mistress Anna glared at her slave as Master confirmed the dildo was at 8cm "A tie" he announced.

    Get over here Mistress Anna snarled at her slave. She got back on her feet and stood in front of Mistress Anna. "Put you hands behind your back" ordered Mistress Anna. Her slave did so and pushed out her tits. They were red and swollen. "Please Mistress punish me for failing you" her slave whispered "Louder" commanded Mistress Anna "Please Mistress punish me for failing you" her slave stated firmly. Mistress Anna slapped each tit once and hard. Her slave grimaced and grunted but stood fast "Please Mistress punish me for failing you" Mistress Anna slapped each tit twice. The cracks echoed through the room. Tears rolled down her slave’s cheeks, however she did not cry out nor move. "Please Mistress punish me for failing you" she again stated. Mistress Anna administered the final slaps and then caressed her slave telling her she had performed adequately.

    "The final cockfight" announced Master. "Both slaves will be pitted against each other in the arena. Rules are no punching, no biting, nothing above the neck. Victory is achieved by making the other slave cum, pinning the other slave down and having your cock in their arse for 5 seconds, causing the other slave to verbally submit or the respective mistress "throwing in the towel" because of damage to their slave" Mistress brought me into the arena, as did Mistress Bianca with her slave. Master went on "the slaves will be joined by the collar with a chain. You will note that the chain is short enough that defence is difficult. An additional rule - slaves are not allowed to grab the chain or collar. If they do they will lose." Master moved outside the arena "Mistresses please oil your slaves again" Mistress Anna noted from the sideline "This is a cockfight. Each slave is limp" She motioned to her slave "Slave: make sure those two cocks are erect and ready to fight for their mistresses honour" As oil was being applied to my body Mistress Anna's slave wanked my cock into life. "Make sure their arses are loose and ready for combat" Mistress Anna added. Her slave covered her fingers in some oil and worked it around and in my arse - loosening it up for combat. Mistress Anna's slave then did the same to Mistress Bianca's slave before returning to her Mistresses feet. "Mistresses: connect your slaves" announced Master. Mistress attached one end of the chain to my collar and roughly yanked me closer to Mistress Bianca, handing the other end of the chain to her. Mistress Bianca connected the chain to her slaves collar. We stood facing each other, about 3 feet apart, with erect cocks pointing at each other and dripping precum. Mistress massaged my cock as did Mistress Bianca with her slave. "Do not let me down" whispered Mistress as she gave my cock a brutal squeeze with her nails. "Your cock had better not fail me slave" Mistress
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    Bianca responded. They both moved to the side of the arena to watch their slaves do battle.

    "Commence" commanded Master. We both slammed together with a grunt and the quickly collapsed onto our knees. I am sure we had the same thought that the collar chain is so short that an attack would be the only form of defence. I grabbed his arse cheek, formed my hand into a claw and dug into the flesh with my fingers. He grunted - good, hopefully I had caused some pain. At the same time I grabbed his erect cock and started to wank. His precum had dribbled down the shaft and made it difficult to keep a grip but a very effective lubricant. I concentrated on working his arse cheek and wanking his cock. While this was happening I felt his hand grab my balls roughly and give them a tug. I let his cock go and grabbed his balls in turn. We leaned on each others shoulder and worked each others respective balls and sacks over. Every squeeze was met with an equal response. I began to grunt in pain, but did not want to give Mistress Bianca the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting me. We steadily continued our grim task of mutual ball torture - each dishing out and taking the pain for our mistresses. "That’s it" Mistress shouted "Show me how much you can take" We took a deep breath, steeled myself and continued to squeeze. We must have each reached our limit together as we both let go at the same time with a grunt.

    I grabbed his chest while he regained his breath and twisted him onto his front. Realising that his arse was exposed I grabbed my cock and tried to ram it home. He struggled, but I was able to get my cock half way into his arse. I could not hold on though and after a second he twisted and my cock slipped out. He pulled me onto the ground and we ended up facing each other in a sideways 69. I grabbed his cock and balls and began to suck him off. He in turn grabbed my arse and pulled my cock into his mouth. I moved one hand behind and felt for his arse. His arsehole easily yielded and I pushed 1 and then 2 fingers in. He did the same to me: we both lay on the mat on our sides, sucking each other’s cock and fingering each others arse.

    While this was happening Mistress Anna kindly consented to her slave being allowed to pleasure herself. Mistress Anna's slave grabbed the old contest dildo, sat in front of her Mistress, spread her legs and began to work on her cunt, giving out the occasional yelp and moan. All with her eyes transfixed on the duelling slaves.

    I knew that I could not last much longer in the suck-off. I struggled to get my cock out of his mouth. The more I pulled back the deeper his fingers gouged my arse. I managed to get my cock out, but in the process had to let go of his cock and arse. We both sat up and grabbed our breath looking at each other. A little more tired and a little more warily we closed in again in a duel of pleasure and pain. We grabbed each other’s cocks, leaned again on each other’s sweaty and oily shoulders and began wanking each other. Mistress moved around and looked into my eyes "Make him hurt for me slave - make him beg to be released!" I stopped wanking, grabbed his cock much more roughly and did as Mistress ordered. I new that he would reciprocate, which he did, but Mistress wanted me to inflict the pain and I must always obey
  13. guy238406

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    Mistress. Once again we began the grim task of mutual pain as he and I clawed and gouged at each other’s manhood. "Hurt him slave" Mistress commanded. Mistress Bianca had moved over to her slave and was encouraging him "Make him pay slave - take that manhood for me" Both mistresses looked at each other. Mistress Bianca suggested "I would love to feel the pain my slave is inflicting - may I touch your slaves cock if on my honour I undertake not to interfere?" Mistress responded "If you wish - I will do the same and if I sense you are aiding your slave I will aid mine". Both mistresses gently placed their hands on the cocks of their opponents slave. Mistress Bianca held my cock and felt the strength and power of her slave. She looked into my eyes and laughed "He will destroy you wimp!" Mistress was on the opposite side doing the same - I felt her fingers next to mine and I squeezed, twisted and gouged. "That’s it slave - inflect pain for me - give him back what he gives you!" Mistress Bianca's slave and I continued our dark work. We both grunted, moaned and in some cases screamed. I could no longer hold it in, but I took satisfaction in the equally pained noises coming from him.

    "Keep going Slave" Mistress Bianca hissed at her pet. "Don't you stop – remember my Kindness" responded Mistress to me "You will take whatever is required to win" He and I continued in a duel as our cocks burned and screamed in pain. Finally, exhaustion set in and we began to ease up. Both mistresses seemed satisfied with the devotion shown and they allowed us to pull away as they moved to the edge of the mat. At this time I noticed that Mistress Anna's slave had the dildo buried far beyond the 8cm mark and was shuddering in climax and pouring in sweat.

    Sensing that we were nearing completing I again closed in with him. We grabbed each others cock and balls and began to massage and wank. Given the punishment meted out earlier our screams of pain were understandable. We continued in the kneeling position, both hoping that the other would either give in to the pain and or blow their load. Suddenly I noticed his breathing becoming sharper and he began to spasm. At last - I worked over his cock faster and faster. He tried to pull away but I managed to hold onto his arse and keep his cock. Both of us dripped sweat and both our cocks dripped precum freely. I felt my balls begin to tighten again in that familiar feeling. Mistress saw them and shouted "Don't you cum before him slave - you will hold on or else" Just then he let out a scream and cum blew out of his cock and all over my face, chest and stomach. We both collapsed - he in bitter disappointment and me in quiet satisfaction that the pain and pleasure I took for the honour of Master and Mistress had resulted in Mistress prevailing over her rival. Mistress beamed at me and at Mistress Bianca. Mistress Anna told her slave to clean me up with her tongue. Mistress Anna's slave started on my chin and worked her way down licking up all the cum and oil off my body. She cleaned around my aching cock and balls before turning me around and cleaning my arse inside and out. I lay there content in the knowledge that I had served Master and Mistress well. I also hoped that Mistress would favour me with future opportunities to prove my devotion and provide her Pleasure.
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    Mistress went over and accepted the admission of defeat from Mistress Bianca. While clearly angry Mistress Bianca conceded. However I did hear later that she had only conceded this one, and that she was more than willing to pit her best female slave against Mistresses female champion, or a mixed slave competition - one female and one male slave from Mistress and Mistress Bianca respectively to battle again for their mistresses honour and Pleasure.

    To be continued…
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    This is my first piece of fiction and I would love to know peoples thoughts? Also - I would love to correspond with anyone out there who is into this type of play - cockfight, catfight, sexfight for Mistress and/or Masters amusement is such a turn on. Hope fully I am not alone with this fetish?

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