My unknown experience.

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    I woke up to something unexpected this morning. I screamed thinking I had lost my sight, not being able to feel the blindfold on my face. I startled myself, and tried to grab for my face, realizing I couldn't move my arms. That is when I felt the pain. My hands were basically tied to my shoulders. I later found this out to be called the claw. I wasn't able to use my amrs or hands for anything, yet I was still able to move my shoulders around. I figured Master was playing a joke so I calmed down, and started testing my restraints. I knew my feet were close together, but my knees were not. Since my feet were so close to my clitorus, I figured I mast have been in a tie similar to the leg bow. I was still wondering about the blindfold and why I couldn't feel it, but the thought was quickly erased by what happened next.

    A deep throated voice, not belonging to my Master, told me to stop squirming. I quickly obeyed, as now I was frightened. The doors were locked, nobody had access to this humble home. Where I lay was a room with a lush dark blue carpet. and a king sized bed with a canopy, perfect for the BDSM games that my Master loved to play. The covers on the bed were a lighter blue in color, making the contrast, to me, a little sickening.

    The voice came back and said, "before we begin do you have any questions for me?"

    "Y-y-y-yes, I do." I nervously responded. "W-w-w-who are you, a-a-a-and what do you want?"

    "I want your complete obedience you little wench!" he shouted menacingly. "You have pissed me, and my family off once too often."

    Next thing I knew he pulled my satin nightgown up over my head. I screamed again.

    "You are being a naughty little bitch, aren't you? he taunted while waiting for me to calm down.

    Once I had exhausted my breath, and I stopped screaming, he shoved something into my mouth. It seemed to be a muzzle with a rubber dildo as the bit to keep me from screaming. Next thing I know I hear a click right behind my head. Having a feeling as to what kind of tie was used on my arms, and I moved my shoulders so I could feel the back of my head. I then knew the reason I couldn't feel the blindfold. It was part of a head mask, one that included lockable blindfolds, and gags. This was going to be a long night.

    I felt pressure on my breasts, and since I was completely unable to scream, I struggled against the bindings I had, and somehow managed to roll over onto my stomach. Instantly I knew that was a mistake. Immediately hot metal was pressed into the the small of my back. The pain was so intense I began to cry almost instantly.

    "Stop disobeying what I want, slut. Or you will receive more pain like that, if not hotter."

    I gasped as best I could. I didn't like what was happening. I feared for my Master's safety, unsure if he was well. He had to work late and he never told me when he was going to be home. I prayed it would be soon. Next thing I knew I felt a searing pain upon my abdomen. A garbled scream escaped my throat.

    "If that is the best you can listen, then you will be receiving many, many more of those heated plates," he growled. "Just why didn't you spread them like I asked?"

    Not realizing he was speaking to me, when he asked me this time, I immediately spread my legs as far as I could, where he immediately started to feel me up as he took something and shoved it into my ass. I thought; what is next? I Had never had this kind of sneak attack from Master. I really don't know why this is happening.

    He rolld me onto my side, and pulled off my bra, placing something cold on my breasts. He repeated the process for my panties, actually using a knife and cutting them off of me. I was wondering what the cold spots were for, but I didn't think I would want to find out. I heard the command to roll onto my belly, and I was determined to do it, and I failed, recieving a small jolt of electricity, where he placed the coldness. I moaned as the excitement seemed to start to carry me away. No, I don't want this, not now, I thought.

    He rubbed my breasts, and played with my clitorus. I moaned thrre times in short but loud bursts when I heard the door being smashed open. After that there was silence until there was sounds of struggling. My Master returned home, I was sure of it. The tears of sadness and pain turned into tears of joy. I began to shiver as the draft, coming through the open door, was chilly. Soon after the sounds of the struggle dulled until they finally vanished.

    Moments later I heard the plodding of bare feet along the lush carpet. Who was it? My Master, or my unforseen attacker? Not saying a word, I was guessing it was my attacker, and I started to cry uncontrollably, beginning to choke on my saliva. Since the world was already dark I wasn't able to tell I was losing conciousness.

    The next day I awoke opening my eyes to the bright sunlight coming through yonder window, and the door opening to show my Master. I am happy, but really confused. Was last night real, or..., only a dream?
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    That was great. I really enjoyed it.

    Do you have anything else to share?
  3. Prissy

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    Was it really that good? I threw it together last night as my first attempt. Once I was done, I had Master check it for grammatical problems and do appropriate changes. But if it was that good, I will be sure to write another.

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    Yes, it was good. Not the kind of thing I've read much of in the past, but it's always good to discover new things. Cold electricity, heated plates...not something I would ever want to try myself, but I had a lovely little thrill reading about it happening to someone else :D
  5. Prissy

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    Would you believe I have never had it happen to me either?

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    I can believe that, actually, because I've written about a lot of things that I've never experienced for real too! :D
  7. Prissy

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    Cool. I was unsure of how it would sound considering that. and I am glad it turned out great.
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    this turned out great i loved reading it

  9. Prissy

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    Can youn tell me what your favorite part was pleezusemee?

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    Yup, I read this one but didn't have time to comment before class. I definitely think you need to make all of your short stories longer. In all three I have wanted to know more, to continue the story. If suspense and keeping the reader in anticipation of the next post is what you're going for you've got it! :)
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    Cool, thanks for responding now. I am hoping to be able to write more on this one, but I am unsure how to continue this one.

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    Maybe a recurring dream theme? It could start out the same way and go a little farther or twist some other way.
  13. Prissy

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    Interesting option, please pm more ideas to me. that way I can think on them and surprise everyone
  14. Sparrow69

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    Intriguing. I like your writing style, and you have excellent flow. This was truly and enjoyable short story, and I hope you expand on it more in the future!
  15. Prissy

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    Sparrow, I appreciate that, and I will try to expand. My biggest problem is I frequent writer's block. Any suggestions on how to prevent that?

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