Guilty Pleasure

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    Master wanted me to post this. Pictures to go along with the story can be found here: Sate's Pictures

    Guilty Pleasure​

    Earlier indiscretions caused me to worry about the night to come. Normally nights alone with Master proved to be promising, this one however, was sure to be thwarted with punishment. A short nap eased my tension, only to be instantly replaced by the disappointment that registered on Master’s face. I could tell my punishment wouldn’t be lenient in the least.
    Upon lying down next to Master my hand was immediately placed on his cock. I was allowed to entertain myself with it while he watched T.V barely acknowledging my enthusiasm. After a while of what seemed like fruitless endeavors Master placed my awaiting mouth on his swollen prick. The taste of his sweet juices filled my senses and the sensation of him deep in my throat sent an indescribable sensation to my soaking snatch. As I thrust my head up and down his thick cock Master let out a sigh of approval. As master forced himself completely into my mouth I struggled to breath. Master laughed at my unfortunate situation. “Ok, put your pussy in my mouth, now;†This change of events was graciously fulfilled as I kneeled over Masters face. The sensation of his warm tongue probing into my pussy lips sent shivers down my body. Master has enjoyed me many times and somehow his tongue always manages to find a new spot to tease. Master licked my pussy thoroughly and nibbled on my clit. His gliding tongue found my clit. His hand gently slid down my ass that he had so eagerly been rubbing and his fingers found my aching center. His fingers probed deep and a sigh of ecstasy escaped my lips.

    “I must be a good whore.†I mouthed with depleting breathing. I went unanswered as Master sucked and played with my clit. I moaned in unison as he fucked my pussy with his hand. Just as easily as it began his attention derailed to my asshole. His tongue easily found the most pleasurable spots although it had been some time since I’ve had this much attention. Master licked and sucked my juices that had escaped my pussy and ran to my ass. His firm tongue lapped at my asshole and my moaning got more intensified.

    “I’m going to let you cum, but you’re still in trouble.†Master said in-between strokes.

    “Yes sir.†My hand found my clit ever so easily. I teased myself as Master continued enjoying me. His tongue found my aching pussy once more as he placed it deep inside me.

    “Mmm, you taste good whore,†Master said as he lapped up my juices. I quickened my pace as to not anger him, I hated being on a timer, never the less I was told I had five minutes or I got nothing. The sensation of my fingers on my clit and Masters tongue skillfully switching between my ass and pussy sent me over the edge.

    “May I come, sir?†I said with exasperated breath.

    “Yes, cum,†Master expertly placed his tongue back inside me as my body exploded in pleasure. My moans filled the house, if not the entire street as I came on Masters expert tongue. I licked my juices from his face and lips. “Tastes good doesn’t it?â€

    “Yes, Sir,†I responded in agreeance. My face was placed in front of Masters cock.

    “You can’t have that.†Master said as he pushed my face towards his balls. I gladfully licked and sucked on Masters balls, engulfing them in my mouth. I kissed and licked gently, making sure not to miss an inch. Master let out grunts of approval, his hand holding my head firmly in place. “Good girl.†He pulled my head off his balls, entangling his fingers in my hair. “Find my belt.†I searched for Masters weapon of choice quickly and placed it in his hand. “Count,†he demanded as I placed myself over the edge of the bed. I knew how many licks I’d be getting. 52; 44 from a previous offence and eight from a offence from that day.

    “One,†his hand gently struck my bare ass. The first few were usually pretty easy. “Two,†the sting alarmed me as it was much harder than the first. “Three,†this time I felt the sharpness of the cold leather on my flesh. In the brief pause between licks I felt the area grow warm. “Four.†My breathing became heavy and strong. “Five,†this time I let out a yelp at the strong hand that struck my ass. I spent the next 47 lashes crying out in pain as Master alternated between his firm hand and the cold leather on my ass and legs. Once my punishment had ended Master placed his cock in my soaking pussy, my legs firmly together. Master let out a low moan as he entered me. His thrusting grew faster as moans trembled out my lips as well. Master pulled himself from my tight grip and my sigh of sadness was audible; That quickly subsided as Master bound my hands and entered me once more. His frantic fucking engulfed my senses as I felt him deep within me. Master removed himself and came on my red and swollen ass. The warm spray of his sweet cum sent a moan out my lips as well. Maybe I really was useful after all?
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    I like the idea of story + picture together. Cool story too.
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    Thanks. =)

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