Her Slave

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    Recently wrote this for someone. Its her fantasy with some elements of my own thrown in. As some of you know I have a lot going on in my life right now. Talking about sex and fetishes is one of the ways I relax and ease my mind. I'm not a good writer, but I try my best. Tell me what you think. I take all criticism, good or bad.


    I just finished up the cleaning as I heard the lock on the door being opened. In a panic I rushed back to my room and shut the door. I wasn't supposed to be out when she got home. I'm not sure she heard me though. After ten minutes went by I felt relieved. I layed down on my blanket in the corner thinking I may relax a little before she came in. Earlier in the week I had pleased Master enough to allow me to lay and relax when I felt like it. I needed to relax, after all I had just spent the last two hours cleaning the house. I sat down and got comfortable, well, as comfortable as I could. I was only allowed a blanket in the corner that I could use freely. I wasn't allowed to lay down for sleep without permission. I had a water bowl that was half empty at the moment. In the other corner was a spanking bench, a few metal bars protruding from the walls I would get handcuffed to for punishments and a few paddles hanging on the wall, mainly for decoration. Her favorite was a studded belt because she knew it was my least favorite. Other than that the room was pretty much bare.

    I sat down and leaned against the wall. After just two minutes the door opened. I had been relieved that she took so long. That meant I had done everything right, or so I thought. She motioned for me to move to her feet. I quickly got on all fours and crawled over to her. I stopped just at her feet when I felt a belt hit my bottom. It wasn't very hard, just enough to let me know she meant business. Another smack, harder this time and another... She stopped at ten. It wasn't enough to get me in tears, but I was sad I had done something that displeased her. She asked me if I knew what I had done.

    "Yes master, I do know what I did" I replied.

    "Go ahead, say it." her voice grew angry.

    "I was out of my room past the allowed time" I said, hoping it was the only thing and the right answer.

    Without saying a word she walked to my side and spanked me with the belt a few more times with a better angle. I had stumbled as it was getting hard to remain on all fours.

    "Get up worthless, you're not done yet." She said as kneeled down and grabbed my arm. Her grip was very strong. She was angry at me for good reason. I know to make sure I'm back in from cleaning before she gets home. I am pulled over to the other side of the room, the punishment wall as she called it. She spanks my aching red ass one more time before she turned and left without saying a word.

    I knew not to move even an inch when she was angry. All I could do was wait. I loved the suspense, but I hated an angry master. I work so hard to serve her needs and don't like when I fail. I must try harder than I have been to make her proud.

    The door opened and my master had returned. I knew she had went to get something, but I dare not look. I wasn't given permission to move or even have my eyes open. I can hear metal moving, most likely handcuffs. My favorite play toy, but I knew she wasn't here to play. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to a stand. She took a hold of my left wrist and slapped a cuff on it. I love the sound of a closing handcuff when we play, but this wasn't that at all. My arm was stretched out and She attached the other end of the cuff to a metal bar. My other arm was done the same, stretched out straight. I knew I was in trouble now, this was my second offense of the same rule.

    "I've told you before I don't want to see you when I get home." She hit my ass with the belt. "When I come home I want to relax. I don't want to deal with you" Smack! Smack! Two more hard hits. "I feed you, give you a place to stay and this is how you repay me? You better start listening from now on." Smack! Smack! Smack! "You've lost the privilege to sit down. You don't get dinner tonight either. I've told you before and you just don't listen" Smack! Smack! She reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, giving them a hard squeeze I cry out. She loosens her grip then tightens again.

    "AAHHH! Please stop. Please. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. Pleeeaaassee stop!" I scream out as a tear rolls down my cheek.

    She gives my aching balls one more squeeze before letting go. She gets close to my ear and says "I've told you before. After I get home is my time. Not yours. I will come in here on my time IF I want to be around you. You got that?"

    "Yes master. I got it. It won't happen again. I promise." Tears are rolling down my cheeks, more from how angry she is with me than from pain.

    She reaches between my legs again grabbing my balls again. I jerk in anticipation of the pain, but she doesn't squeeze right away. Instead she waits for me to relax. I groan and beg for her forgiveness when she squeezes. She doesn't say a word, but holds the grip for another minute before letting go.

    "That's not relaxing, is it? I can't relax knowing you aren't where you're supposed to be or knowing what you are doing." She angrily tells me.

    She picks up the belt and starts in again. This time hitting harder and harder. I lost count after 30 swats.

    "Is that relaxing? It wasn't for me either. I should be enjoying a bath right now, but I had to come teach you a lesson."

    She then unlocked me from the wall and I almost fell to the ground. Grabbing the one cuff still attached to my left wrist she dragged me over to my blanket. I was then cuffed to the metal bar 2 feet up the wall. This enabled me to sit down, but not lay down. It was decently comfortable to sit against the wall like this, but I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep.

    "I'll be back in the morning." She said as she pushed the water bowl within reach.

    "Yes, master" I replied as she walked out and shut the door.
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    I was nodding off to sleep when I heard the door open. She walked in and flipped the light on. There she stood, in nothing but a towel hiding her body from below her womanhood to just above her nipples. Her large breasts were barely being kept in. She walked towards me with a big grin on her face. When she got closer I could hear her breathing a little heavy.

    Her beautiful blue eyes were looking straight at me. I could see her black hair still wet from the steaming hot shower she had just taken. She reached down and grabbed the back of my head, digging her nails into my skin and forced my head under her towel, into her freshly shaven hole. It hurt my handcuffed arm to lean forward, but I dare not complain. I lick wildly at her making her moan uncontrollably. She pushed on me harder while I flick my tongue with all I have. Noticing she is reaching climax I reach forward and suck her click with extreme force. This pushes her over the edge every time. As she shakes and screams out with an orgasm I slow down and lick up and down her vagina lips, lapping up all her juices while she catches her breath.

    She loosens the grip on my head and pulls me up closer to her for a kiss. She backs away as she pulls me closer, my arm reaches its maximum length as I feel the steel around my wrist tighten. She is teasing me! I lean forward with all my strength, but its no use. She keeps backing away.

    She reaches down to my member and strokes it once before whispering "This is what good boys get." She slowly strokes it a few more times before letting go. "You were naughty and don't deserve it today."

    She then slowly walks out of the room, making sure that I see her perfect sexy ass before she turned the light out. I knew it was wrong to touch myself. I wasn't allowed and she will know. I could lie, but she would see right through me. She would be able to see the disappointment in my eyes. I can't lie to the one I strive to serve. It was hard to do, but I ignored it as much as I could.

    Once again a few hours had passed. I dozed off a few times, but the pressure of the cuff against my wrist kept waking me up. This time, however, the handcuff had not woke me up. I had to go to the bathroom. I hadn't a chance to after she got home. I rushed in here in fear of disobeying master. I usually go right before she gets home and allowed once before bedtime. I sit there cuffed, not able to call out and wake her. She never woke up to my yells before. I was stuck here with a full bladder. It swelled up so bad in the next hour it hurt. I knew I would be punished if I let it go, but I couldn't stand the pain anymore. My bladder muscles were too weak to hold it in.

    I gave up and let it out, not able to get much out of the way I was forced to watch the puddle grow and move towards me. I felt relief and shame at the same time. I sit there in a puddle of urine. The smell is getting to me as it hits me real quick. What will Master do? I've never had this happen before. She is already mad at me for disobeying her. I didn't sleep at all the rest of the night.

    When morning came she walked in with a big smile. She was in a good mood, which was always a good thing. I just sat in the corner with a big frown and tears rolling down my eyes. I didn't even want to look up I felt so bad.

    She got within 5 feet before she realized what I had done. She stopped and just stared. The look on her face was angrier than I had ever seen before. However, She didn't say a word. She walked over, careful to not step in my shameful mess, to free my wrist from the handcuff.

    She looked at me and yelled "You couldn't hold that in? You're a fucking adult. Adults don't do this kind of thing. Sit your ass down in it until I get back, asshole."

    She practically ran out of the room as I sat down in the pool of now cold urine. I sat there ashamed of what I had done. She had never looked this mad before. What had I done? It wasn't the fear of punishment that I was scared of. I give everything in me to obey her and serve her every need. It was my purpose, my reason to keep going. Disobeying her was heartbreaking for me. The way I felt isn't explainable in words. I knew this had to change. I had to do better.

    The door opened and she walked over to me with a disgusted look on her face. She stood there glaring at me for what seemed like an hour. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. I broke down and started sobbing. She knew I felt bad, but wasn't showing any emotion other than anger.

    She leaned down and said "Go take a shower and get this cleaned up. There is a list of chores to be done while I'm gone. I leave for work in 30 minutes."


    I heard the house door open as usual, but I was already in my room with the chores done. I wasn't taking any chances today. After the events of yesterday and last night I couldn't do anything to disappoint her again. My heart couldn't take her being angry anymore.

    She opened the door to my room and told me to come sit on the couch. I was afraid and relieved at the same time. All of my punishments were done in my room. If she is so angry why am I allowed out of my room? I was very confused. I made my way to the couch, but I couldn't remember if she said to sit on the couch or by the couch, my usual spot is the floor. I took a chance and sat on the couch and waited. I was very anxious to what she had planned. Then she came into the room with a plastic package. I was in shock of what it said on the side. She bought adult diapers. I didn't know what to think.

    She sat down next to me. She put the diapers in my lap and set her arm around me. She then explained to me how she was sorry. She should have realized I needed to use the bathroom before she left me for the night. She explained how this wasn't a punishment, but from now on I am not allowed to use the toilet. I am to use a diaper and wait for her to check me and change me.

    She then had me lay down on my back. She opened the package and pulled out a diaper. She was smiling as she unfolded it, pulled up my legs and put it under me. It felt so good to lay there and see her happy. I loved the feeling of being taken care of. I closed my eyes and relaxed. It felt so good I couldn't help but to get an erection. To much surprise she started to stroke me slowly. I let out a small moan. I hadn't gotten attention in four days. I layed back and enjoyed this rare pleasure. The stroking got a little faster as she added another hand. I was moaning and pulsing like crazy. I almost exploded when I felt her warm breathe on my penis.

    She slowly put the tip of my rock hard cock in her mouth. After it was in she gently sucked and twisted it in her mouth teasing my opening with her tongue. It was all I could do to hold it in. She continued this for a few minutes before moving a hand off my shaft to caress my balls. Taking all of me in her mouth she realized I was about to cum. She held me in her mouth with no movement except her tongue putting pressure on the soft underside, near the tip slowly. After a minute she started to move her lips up and down the whole length. After a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore. I moaned very loud as I exploded in her mouth. She started sucking the tip, trying to take it all in. She succeeded in taking everything, but didn't stop sucking me until I was soft.

    I was feeling so exhausted I didn't notice her pulling up the diaper and taping it in place. It felt nice and soft on my skin. After adjusting it for a good fit she crawled next to me and we both fell asleep in each others arms.

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