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    Hi all I was wondering what you consider to be the best punishment and humiliation you have ever dished out or received. I would also be interested in hearing about other highlights of your BDSM experience. I will leave the definition of best up to you but if you could explain why you consider it you best I would appreciate it.

    Edit: For all you subs I suppose it would be the worst you have ever received but feel free to post what you want
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    I will begin with what I have received.

    The punishment would be when my mistress bent me over her knee and gave me a brutal spanking with a studded paddle, she drew blood and my ass hurt for an entire week but I learned not to displease her again.

    The humiliation was when my mistress had me on my knees spread her legs peed in my mouth and made me swallow it, she then made me lick up every drop off the floor that didn't go into my mouth. it was truly humiliating but strangely enjoyable

    Now for what I have dished out

    It would be a combination of the two on that day I was in a bad mood and had a truly sadistic streak. My mistress was subing and needless say hadn't performed up to my expectations. I had her stand out in the garden naked while it was raining and had recite the following over and over "I am a worthless whore, I have been a bad little girl and for this I must be punished, my cunt my ass and my mouth are there only for my masters enjoyment, my body is his and he does with it as he wishes, I deserve nothing but what my master gives me and am thankful for all of it." I think that was all of it, it was a few weeks ago so there may have been more that I have forgotten, but truly it was my greatest moment as a dom.
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