Weirdest punishment received/given

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sate_Sprie, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Sate_Sprie

    Sate_Sprie Member

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    What's the weirdest punishment you've ever received, or given out?
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    Dunno, I'll have to have a think about this and get back to you :)
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  3. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    The weirdest is a difficult question to answer, but I'm fond of giving out personalized punishments basted on the severe dislikes and hangups of my slaves. As I've said before, I made a slave Shave her head for dyeing it and getting it cut without asking permission.
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  4. Emma

    Emma Member

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    Sparrow that is pure evil!! The poor thing!

    Em i wouldnt really have anything to contribute cuz i havent done much of this yet!
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  5. Amuk

    Amuk Member

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    Ok, now I really can't wait for your book.
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    I don't know about physical punishments; this one is a mindfuck type thing, and pretty silly, so definitely weird. My master had promised to make me a lemon cake from scratch as that is my favourite cake. He went ahead and did that, but then I gave him some cheek, not sure if it was here or on another forum, but he told me that as my punishment, he and his mates had eaten the cake he had just made especially for me. I was devastated, but he then said that no such thing had happened, that in actual fact it was still in the oven cooking, but that this kind of wind up was the sort of thing I could expect for giving him cheek :(
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  7. sol

    sol New Member

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    shes absolutely terrified of spiders, i had her lie still while a spider crawled over her body.
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  8. nix

    nix Guest

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    For me personally, spiders are crossing the line... eugh. I haven't done anything that could be considered "weird" by this community's standards though :D would freak out a lot of vanilla couples though...
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  9. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Well for me this is just something really demeaning and just pisses me off, so an effective punishment I guess but I absolutely can't stand when Top fucks me with parts of his clothing on like socks/shoes, shirt etc. It just makes me feel not worthy of the full effort, ugh! I know its very vanilla but I hate it!!
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  10. Hopehavoc

    Hopehavoc Member

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    Not at all is that weird. I, usually, hate the way that a girl looks in nothing but socks. And, as a result can't stand to have sex with socks on....I can't explain it, but it reminds me of a guy getting ready after gym class. (As a lesbian, thinking of a guy during sex is the last thing on my to do list).

    However, I recently discovered the benefits of knee highs. For some reason they don't look bad on a nude body. So, I don't mind when my Mistress wears them. Which is a good thing because if I made her take them off (which I usually do) then she would get cold really quickly and hop under the covers....that would be enough of a punishment for me.

    Speaking of punishment...weirdest one ever given....well, very vanilla indeed, I would just withhold sex until my demands had been met. Received....Mistress took off my collar and wouldn't put it back on until I went and did what she told me to.
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  11. praefect

    praefect Member

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    This is an easy one to answer. I still pat myself on my back grinning mischievously as I think about it. :)

    We were talking on the phone and she said a couple of things to tease me, and I said she's going to get punished for it the next time I get my hands on her. She told me "Yeah, right" and that she was certain I would forget by the weekend. And it's true. I always forget these things. My memory is my biggest weakness, but little did she know I was in full planning and prep mindset at the time, had a notepad on hand in case I had an idea, and after the call wrote down that she needed to be punished, for what, and then spent days refining how I was going to do it within our boundaries, and this time maybe push them a bit.

    Friday after work she drove straight to my place and we did our whole intense "hey there, missed you, come here, stand there, take of your clothes, put this on, " and so forth thing which ended with her gagged and cummed in in the shower about 20 minutes later. I double checked dinner, which was done, put it on simmer and went to the bathroom. Everything was steamed up.

    "I've got a surprise for you. I remember your prideful little tease the other day."
    I reached past the curtain and turned off the shower, then slid to curtain to the side.
    "I said I remember your prideful little tease the other day. You know, I just couldn't let that one go."
    I love the look she got when she saw my Mr. Serious face. I suppose I'm a bit of a voyeur. Sometimes I just love to take in something visually and her with shampoo foam on her had that was sliding down her body, her holding on to her shoulders trying to keep herself warm as the contrast between the cold air and the very hot water hit her, oh man, these things I never forget.

    I took a hold of her upper arm, my hand being ice cold compared to her hot and wet skin, and slid it up her arm, her shoulder, her neck, deep into her hair and held on tight.
    "Down, down... down."
    The shower is a bit elevated, about the height of a step, two steps if you count the wall of the basin. I placed on of my legs inside the shower with her.
    "Now, I've got something to tell you, and while I do you better not stop rubbing your pussy on my leg."
    With me still holding on to her hair, her using her hands to balance herself on the sides of the shower, she squatted and did as she was told. Enjoying this little interruption quite a bit, too.

    "I know you like it when guys flirt with you and you know I don't care when they do. You know I don't get jealous, because I know I can trust you and you know that I trust you. What I don't understand is why, first of all, you boasted about these three guys hitting on you the other day, and then, why you would tell me what a good dancer one of them was or how good they looked. Are you trying to make me jealous or are you just that prideful? It's the latter, isn't it? Your proud of being a tease, aren't you?"

    And with that she gave me that sad puppy look that's so incredibly fake and over the top that I really had to restrain myself from laughing out loud and keep on my Mr. Serious face. I KNEW she would do that and with it she played right into my little plan.

    Slowly, because the basin was very slippery and I didn't want her to lose her balance, I forced her head towards my leg, pressed it against my leg, leaned forward and used my other hand to pet up and down her soapy back.

    "Aww, poor sad puppy. I'm not being mean to you, am I? You're not scared, are you? Not yet anyways. You know what I do with poor sad puppies? I'll tell you what, I'm going to give you a choice now. Something to show me that you're not actually as full of yourself as you made it seem the other day. You can either spend the rest of this evening with your tongue up my ass or my cock up yours. I'm going to make sure you're not going to have a single orgasm all night. Your pussy isn't going to feel even a hint of attention..."

    A whimper, lovely. Just lovely.

    "... OR... you can show me what a scared little puppy you really are. Do you know what scared little puppies do? They have no control over themselves, they don't know the concept of decency. They're little filthy animals, cute, but filthy, not a hint of pride in them, and when they're scared their bladder just lets go.

    I pulled her hair to have her look at my face and saw she didn't understand what I meant. Or maybe she did, but couldn't believe I meant that. We never really played around with water sports, barely ever talked about it, but also never made it a limit. I had to be clearer for her to understand.

    "It's your choice. You can either pee on my leg now or spent the rest of night frustrated for your little attempt to get a rise out of me." I let a minute pass and she didn't make a sound, or a move other than slowly and contemplatively rubbing her pussy on my leg. I made as if to get my leg out but one of her hands shot forward and held on to it. She pressed her head against my leg, closed her eyes and looked down to the side. I felt warmness stream down my lower leg and my foot.

    "Good girl. Look at me." She was turning red. Such a heartwarming sight. I gave her a soapy kiss on her forehead, wiped my mouth and told her to now clean the filth she made. There was a big part in me that wanted to say - with your tongue - but that would have gone to far. No reason to go overboard.

    I gave her a pleasurable reward for it, and we had a great evening and night. We talked about it, of course, about her side of the experience. The part about it that was humiliating, and very much so, but not in a bad way, wasn't what she was doing, but that she was turned on by what she was doing. She was very surprised by how much it turned her on. Humiliation play was also a boundary we hadn't touched upon back then and since things came up and we saw each other only very rarely on the last half year of our relationship we never really got a chance to expand on it and see where it would lead us. Considering her reaction I'm not even sure if it was humiliation play.

    It's definitely the weirdest punishment I've ever given though. I mean, the thought of being peed on as a punishment is one that would be obvious in my mind. Being punished by having to pee on someone else though, I really dug that reverse and I'm glad it worked out the way it did.
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  12. princedorian

    princedorian Member

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    Being forced to visit places where my primary/high school rivals used to live/still live, strip naked, kneel in front of the door, kiss their doormat, assume a humble position and leave the note saying "Andrew (or any other name of a classmate) - I have always been inferior to You, in every aspect, I should be your slave." That took place at night, mostly in blocks of flats, so I didnt have to strip on the street.

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