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    well everyone I was just wondering what is the weirdest sexual encounter you have ever had ? I figure you guys must have some good stories
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    Mine is from the time I spent in San Francisco about 2 months into my trip I got robbed had all my cash my passport and my backpack full of clothes stolen this was a real downer but I just wasn't ready to go back to England so I did what most attractive 17 year old bisexuals would have done male prostitution it wasn't as bad as thought it would be I had a few regulars a couple guys and even one lonely house wife but one day when I was on the corner of Polk Street not my usual spot but I had been moved on by a cop earlier anyway a brand new shinny Mercedes pulls up the window rolls and its a guy who is in late 40's maybe early 50's I begin to tell him my price but he told me to shut up and said he would give me $500 if I got in the car right now I was a little hesitant but it would take me a whole day to make $500 so I got in he started driving out of the city we went by about 3 spots that where perfect for some discreet fun so at first I though he was going to kill me until we pulled up to a massive house with a a big perimeter wall and a set of 8 foot gates I was wondering why he would take me to his house instead of just a regular spot but fuck it there was $500 in it for me so we go into the house and he takes me to the living room I was surprised to find that there where to 2 guys and a beautiful woman sitting there I was going to tell him I didn't do group but before I could he said "these are my associates and my wife they are going watch" I was a bit shocked but I got on with it anyway the guy sat down and took his cock out and I started sucking it his two friends starting making comments like "the boy has excellent method" and "he seams to be enjoying it" while his wife just sat there playing with herself after about 10 minuets he came I swallowed and he let out a sigh of pleasure he then took my chin and raised my face to meet his and said "you did a wonderful job" he then looked at his wife and said "would you like to have some time with him honey" she nodded he looked at me and said "do you want to earn another $500" I said yes and he said "good now strip naked" I did so and his wife walked up to me and started looking over my body and prodding certain parts with her fingers without a single word she took my hand and led me out of the room and upstairs to a room with a kingsized bed and some chairs in it she took off her dress and panties laid on the bed and said the only words I had heard out of her "fuck me til I cum"I didn't ask any questions and just got onto the bed and started fucking her I didn't bother with foreplay since she didn't request any and she was already wet from playing with herself in the living room it didn't take her long to cum and after she did she gestured for me to leave the room so I went down the stairs naked and back into the living room the guy was sitting there talking to his friends I collected my clothes and asked for my pay the guy gave me $1000 and 2g of coke as a bonus it was weird as fuck but I was so happy to have money and some drugs for the evening.
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    If the stories real I should try this :D
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    Its true, San Francisco is full of rich eccentrics with peculiar sexual tastes. but come on jey I'm sure you've got at least one weird sex story
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