I haven't decided on a proper punishment

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Is this too harsh a punishment?

  1. Yes, oit is a punishment that could be lessened. I will post a suggestion below.

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  2. No, it is perfectly fine.

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  3. No, it is not harsh enough. I will post a suggestion below.

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  4. I have something different in mind, please look below for my answer.

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  1. Master C

    Master C Member

    for my pet.

    We were in the middle of a session when I received a call. I didn't want to leave, so I sent her. I allowed her to use my car, since she doesn't own one. I have a strict rule about no eating in my car, and the disobeyed and spilled some pop. Normally I wouldn't punish her in BSDM style, but since we were in the middle of that session, I feel it is worthwhile for that style punishment.

    I want to tie her to two chairs, with a gag, and blindfold, and her arms cuffed behind her back.

    Would that be suitable, or would that be too harsh a punishment?

    Also I would like to say hello, I am new to these forums, and I hope I will enjoy them.
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Why two chairs?
  3. Master C

    Master C Member

    To make it very uncomfortable for her.
  4. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    If you really want to do something uncomfortable to her C, You should make her sleep in a hogtie overnight. That may make her realize her wrongdoings.
  5. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    The punishment itself doesnt sounds too harsh...
    The only thing that could make it harsh, is the time limit you set for her to stay like that. A few hours or even over night could be fine, but anything over that seems a little cruel to me.

    While spilling soda in your car is something she shouldnt have done, it really doesnt deserve a harsh punishment. I like to make a mental chart, giving offenses their own "degrees" and then deciding a punishment that way.
  6. Master C

    Master C Member

    Prissy, I appreciate the thought, and it is a very good one, however, my pet likes being hogtied, in fact she finds most positions very comfortable. I have found that she hates the double chair tie though.

    Just so you know, I wasn't expecting her to stay like that for long. I was only thinking of a few hours. And I agree that I don't want to make too harsh a punishment, so I was asking since punishing my pet is new to me.
  7. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    So a hogtie for bed won't work? What if you were to, tie her to a single chair, with the legs under the chair, torso tied tightly to the chair, and her hands cuffed behind her?
  8. Master C

    Master C Member

    Prissy, stop trying. I know who you are, and by trying to deter my choices, you may suffer more than just something simple. And I most definitely do know that you know my identity.
  9. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    woah....whats going on here? Is Prissy stalking you or something?
  10. Master C

    Master C Member

    Moskva, no Prissy isn't stalking me. I discovered that Prissy is my pet. I hadn't realized it was her right away. But now I do.
  11. Moskva

    Moskva New Member

    Ahhh...well if its bothering you that she is trying to pretend to be someone else to try and get a lesser punishment, then you can do something about it.
  12. Master C

    Master C Member

    It wasn't bothering me. I just didn't realize it was her until after the first time she posted. and I know I could make her suffer another punishment for trying, but I think the first one, was more than enough for both.
  13. sirbrisgirlshel

    sirbrisgirlshel New Member

    I voted for "not harsh enough" for the simple fact that she/he has created this online persona to try and sway your decision. It is not only deceptive and underhanded, it is outright slimy behavior. This is not typical "brat" behavior but something much less appealing. It seems disrespectful in the extreme. That is just my opinion but I'd like to think that I would not disrespect my M in that way, and certainly not in "public."
  14. Master C

    Master C Member

    While I tend to agree with you, Sirbrisgirlshel, I actually have to say one thing in her defense. She started here before I did. She had no idea I would find a site like this. But I did do something else at a different time to punish her for trying to persuade my decisions.
  15. olinda

    olinda New Member

    Wow Prissy, After spending this past weekend being punished for being deceptive... I shutter to think what my owner would do had I used any method to control or manipulate my owner. My owner does not tolerate any dishonesty.. We have been together for 26 years and when I ask him for this lifestyle that was his first rule.. I am allowed no secrets from him.. He assigns me a password, and user name. He knows all my passwords, and I am not allowed to change them without permission.my owner said he would have had me scrub the spot clean,and just for fun(his) my arms would be tied at my elbows to my waist.
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