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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ranssub87, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. ranssub87

    ranssub87 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems playing with this freezing cold weather.
    Unfortunately we are. We have no heating in our house other than a fire in the living room and previously we always try to keep our more kinky play in the bedroom. However, tonight we will be using the living room but only for me to pleasure him.

    Has anyone got any ideas of what we can do whilst under the covers. For example, we both enjoy him spanking me but are finding this very hard at the moment as our bedroom is like an ice block, lifting the covers is not an option. We are at the moment just having him hold me down etc, cos every body part needs to stay covered.

    Any suggestions welcome

    Ta :D
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  2. subofmistressS

    subofmistressS New Member

    Hi ranssub87,

    The weather is rather cold at the moment, you could try getting a small plug in heater, this could help the room to heat up and allow you to have kinky fun in the bedroom as well.

    Other thing you can do is use the cold to your advantage as part of your kinky fun and you'll soon forget about the cold!! We did last nite and we forget about the cold and I reckon it was about -4

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  3. ranssub87

    ranssub87 New Member

    Thanks for replying subofmistressS.

    We already have a little plug in heater unfortunately this does not make much difference in our bedroom :(

    We do try to use the cold to our advantage but for medical reasons I can't be exposed to extreme temperature changes as this tends to bring on my epileptic seizures :(

    Any activities we can do under the covers - ideas would be great.

    Thanks again :)
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Tt and cbt can easily be done under the covers. All the dom needs is fingers and s/he can torture a sub for hours. Pinch the nipples, cock, and balls. Pat the balls. Slap the cock. Tug on or squeeze the balls. Flick the fingers or thumb against the cock or balls. Stroke the cock. Squeeze it. Start very gently and slowly increase force.

    See how long the sub can go before making noise or making a face. See how desperately the sub begs for relief.
  5. ranssub87

    ranssub87 New Member

    Thanks Seb,

    TT is something he really enjoys doing with me and I seem to be able to take quite a bit of pain on my tits.

    Any other suggestions guys for him to do to me female sub.

    Thanks :D
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  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Oops! You have girl parts. Sorry. I don't have much experience with those.
  7. ranssub87

    ranssub87 New Member

    Haha not to worry Seb. We tried 'TT' under the covers last night. It was amazing. However, I squirmed too much and lost some of the covers! :confused:
    Cue a shaking shivering me. Not good!!

    Thanks though, I appreciate everyone making me feel welcome. I'm so new to all this - its quite scary at times.
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  8. well this is not an idea for what u can do under the covers,but we once had same problem,and we lit like 30 candles(some big,some smaller)and after a while the room was heated enough for us to be able to take our clothes of (of course keep the door closed):) if ur looking for ideas,well i usually squeeze his balls,i start lighjtly and go harder and harder,and he is not allowed to make a sound(i think seb said that too),or i suck on his balls,or press my tongue real hard against his ball while in my mouth,or use my nails to scratch his dick(as hard or light as u please),if u have(damn i only know the danish word for it,its a balm where there is a tiger on the top of the lit(usually)and it has a real strong smell)that balm/creme im talking about,just take a really SMALL amount and let him put it on ur clit,it will make the sensation in ur clit sensitive,so if he blows at it,it feels great,if he wanna cause a litttle extra pain,he can use a little more,just not too much,try and see while using it,and ull be able to tell how much is needed. :)
  9. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    W/we've had no problem whatsoever, and in fact the cold can be used as a rather delicious tool.

    Holding your fingers on something cold for a short while then touching the clit, lips and inside while they're still cold produces a rather wonderful effect. The same can be said with blokes as well.

    If you're house is rather warm to counter the cold, then you can always use ice cubes for oral and foreplay?
  10. Infinia

    Infinia Member

    We've had similar probles during winter and usually try getting the places heated just enough so we can be naked and then get into a really intense session. Usually she's sweating from the physical excercise it does and my body is so beaten it's on fire so the cold is actually good.

    Or to make a suggestion we've used a few times and elaborate princess' idea. All those candles burning give a nice little extra very hot burning wax. Nothing better to warm up your body then wax on whip off

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