How to play on Holiday? - Ideas Needed

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by mr_n, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. mr_n

    mr_n New Member

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    hi people

    Me and my partner (both switches) Are going on holiday to spain for a few days. Now i dont want to bring the full range of equipment with us but need some ideas on what to take and how to play when we are out there.
    We both enjoy all aspects of bdsm etc, (humiliation, spanking, bondage, gags, forced bi, degrading, etc)
    Foot fetish / ass worship is a huge one for me

    Any ideas on what we could get up to? This is a perfect opportunity to go wild as no-one will know us, the thought of getting caught does excite us too.

    So what do we bring with us and what play shall we get up to?
    What experiences have you had on holiday?
    Let me know

    Ill be sure to write a detailed write up and include pictures when we get back (only if the suggestions now are good)

  2. Knots

    Knots Member

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    Your profile says your male, but we have no manner of finding out your partners gender.
  3. mr_n

    mr_n New Member

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    Sorry, she is female.
  4. Knots

    Knots Member

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    Some throwaway suggestions...

    One partner (who wants to do something in particular) has to worship the foot/arse of the other (I'm not sure whether you like to worship or be worshipped, so either way round) until the other is satisfied, and then they can do whatever task (visit some pretty church) as a reward for doing a good job.

    Forced bi when abroad could be going to some Spanish homosexual club and pulling, maybe make it into a "task" with a reward (as a general point, I'd personally make all rewards "holiday specific", but you don't have to).

    If you're staying at a hotel, they generally give throw away shampoo/conditioner/soap/etc which many don't use. If you're one of the many who don't use these, they could be used as part of some "messy" fun (get all messy/sticky whilst the other watches/comments/degrades/etc, until washing time).

    Then there's eating out (or shopping/etc) scenarios, have your beads/dildo/remote control vibrator/whatever in your pocket, randomly hand to the other under the table and have them go to the toilets and put in (excuse the pun, but make a meal of it and tease; "Hah, shall we tell that nice old lady over there what you're doing?", "I bet that waiter knows why you're wincing...", etc).

    Sometimes in poker you don't need to have a good hand if they believe you have a good hand. Likewise, try conducting scenes in such a way that although other people aren't actually having what you're doing imposed upon them (as this would be wrong), the other couple still feel like others know.

    Though I'm not a beach person, I think Spain is quite a beachy holiday location, so maybe some kind of skinny dipping/underwater declothing (again, don't impose this upon others).

    To be honest, though this isn't an imaginative idea, one of the good things about going on holiday to some foreign place is you can escpae all those day-to-day responsibilities. Maybe just take advantage of the fact that you can be in the hotel room all day, without being called (turn off mobiles/etc, maybe?) and play for hours without restriction, needing to wake up at a certain time in the morning, etc...Sometimes, the best joys are the simplest.

    Anyway, that's my contribution.
  5. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Well done, Knots :)
  6. mr_n

    mr_n New Member

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    Thanks knots, love those ideas. Any more are welcome
  7. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Traveling with expensive fetish gear is always a risky proposition, because it is prone to disappearing from luggage or being taken by customs agents. So I would leave the more exotic and expensive stuff at home and only bring stuff that you can afford to lose. Alternately, you could mail it to your destination hotel. But you can go a long way with just a few small toys like some hanks of rope, a crop or slapper, a dildo or vibrator.

    You might take turns being the other's slave. Be obvious about it--she holds the door for you in public, she needs your spoken permission to sit down at the restaurant, you order her meal. The next day, she's in charge.
  8. mr_n

    mr_n New Member

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    Thanks sebastian, we wont be taking everything we own but there are a few essentials;

    Ball gag
    Ring gag
    Double dildo gag
    Strap on
    Remote vibrator (fun at dinner times)
    Killer heels and her dominating outfits

    Not really that much, hopefully nothing will show up on the scanners, bags will be padlocked anyway.
  9. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I would suggest including a sheet of paper in the luggage that lists exactly what is supposed to be in the suitcase, and carrying a second copy of the list on your person. Discourages sticky fingers.

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