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    I am an online owner of 14 years who is looking for a new female submissive or slave to take on and own online. I have some free time because I have not find the right female even after a number of attempts over the last year or so. For this reason I am really missing not being able to plan stuff to do with my property, for online/real life sessions with her.

    The areas that I specialist in are:-

    New females to the scene. This is one of the best areas for any new sub/slaves because you are pretty much a clean slate without a prejudice towards a Dom/Master. This prejudice could arise from bad experiences with previous owners. My ideal relationship with an new female to scene consists of completing an session online. Afterwards, sitting down with you discussing how it want, how did it make you feel, how would you like it to evolve in the future etc. Sessions are always planned out by me well in front, but I do try and suit them to your stage in the training and what both of our interests are. I am also approachable if you would like to discuss a session a few days afterwards, or also if something is going on in real life. Training a person is always on going and evolving over time, nothing is ever fixed in stone.

    Humiliation is and can be a very wide area to teach. In my experience training and completing sessions within this area does take time to get the correct balance. This is because when one person feels humiliated, another person might not. For this reason it does take my time in to getting to know you better, and find out what makes you tick and including that in to sessions.

    Self bondage is one of the more dangerous areas of BDSM if not done correctly. For this reason I always take time with the female to make sure that she knows the basics, got everything there that is required and make sure that the safety of the person is paramount. The type of self-bondage that I specialist in is rope and other types or restraints. Depending on your previous experiences will dictate the level of self-bondage I start off with you. Some of my sessions can last for hours before you can be released. Others can last for minutes. If we do decided to go down the self-bondage route there will be stuff that you will be required to get before I start with you and also at times it might take a little while to get everything ready.

    Control is another area that I specialist in. You can hand over as much or as little control over your life as you want. This could basically be what clothes you wear, to what food you want to eat. To the really extreme by hand total control over you life to me. When you do this, you will be given a timetable to live by, I will tell you what to eat, how to wash, when you may go out, what to spend your money on, to what time you get up and go to bed. Basically you will have very little say in how your life is run. If there is any areas that you want to keep control over then please tell me and I will work it in with the control that I have got.

    General BDSM is just about everything else that is not covered here. It involves sexual play, learning about different positions, rituals etc.

    Please send me a message and we can talk further.

    Now the last important part is my email address isn't it?

    It is [email protected] (Removing -nospam- from the address)
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