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    I am online owner of 12 years who is currently looking for a new female submissive or slave to take on and own online. At the current time I have quite a bit of time free as I haven’t owned a female online or even in real life since before summer, after releasing her from my ownership. Because of this I do miss not being able to plan stuff to do with my slave, no online/real life sessions with her. For this reason I am currently feeling like I am at a bit of a lose end here, for this reason I am looking for another female sub or slave to own. If you want to know more about what I specialist in and what type of female I am looking for then please carry on reading.

    The areas that I specialist in are control, human animals, humiliation, newbie’s, general BDSM. I am thinking it might be a idea for me to go in to more details about some of areas of which I have listed as they might not mean too much to you.

    1st of all let me start off with Newbie’s. Now this is one of the best areas for any sub/slave. The reason why I feel this is because you are starting off with a pretty clean slate, but of course this can be one of the hardest areas in a BDSM lifestyle. I bet you are wondering why, it is because if you are starting off with something new. Most of the time you don't have much understanding about it, so you don't know what you likes and dislikes are. What will be expected of you from your owner, how much would he demand of you etc. In my view with any BDSM relationship it is based on giving and taking. One of the best ways of this is by talking online, after a session is to talk about how you felt, how you feel it's going, how you would like the sessions to evolve in the future etc. And I would take this on board and make future sessions evolve to how we both want them. But just talking about a BDSM relationship is not a good thing, as the way that you perform during a session can be effected by what is going on in real life. In my experience in the past, when a sub or slave is poor to there usually standard then something is on there mind. Because of this I do try and be open and approachable so that you can talk to me about anything, in real life or within our lifestyle.

    The 2nd area that I am going to be talking about is a human animal. When I am talking about human animals, it is where you are taught how to be a horse, a dog, a cat. In a way you become my pet pleasing me, like any real animal. My favorite human animal is a dog, but I do like the other ones too. In my view for a person to belong to this type of lifestyle, they must be willing to go all the way in the transformation. If you want to do this then please contact me for more details.

    The next area is humiliation. Now in my experience this area does take time to get the correct balance. For what makes one person feeling humiliated, might not make another person feel that way. That is why if anybody want me to do this to them that it does take time, and for me to get to know you better and what makes you tick.

    Another area of which I am very much interested in is self-bondage. This area is one of the more dangerous areas of BDSM if not done correctly. For this reason I always take time with the female to make sure that she knows the basics, got everything there that is required and make sure that the safety of the person is paramount. The type of self-bondage that I specialist in is rope and other types or restraints. Depending on pervious experiences will depend on what level of self-bondage I start off with you. Some of my sessions can last for hours before you can be released. Others can last for minutes. It’s all down to you and what level you are with me. If we do decided to go down the self-bondage route there will be stuff that you will be required to get before I start with you and also at times it might take a little while to get everything ready. But in my view the wait can be worth it for the right person.

    The last area that I am going to be going in to some detail is control. With me you hand over as much or as little control over your life as you want. This could basically be what clothes you wear, to what food you want to eat. To the really extreme hand over, this is where you hand over total control over you life to me. When you do this, you will be given a timetable to live by, I will tell you what to eat, how to wash, when you may go out, what to spend your money on, to what time you get up and go to bed. Basically you don't have a say in how your life is run. If there is any areas that you want to keep control over then please tell me and I will work it in with the control that I have got.

    As you may have noticed I haven't gone in to any detail about one area, this is general BDSM. If you want to know more about this then please email me at the address I am going to be including in this post.

    If you are still reading up to this point and you are a newbie, somebody who have got experience, in a relationship with somebody else, single, a single parent, just about anything else you can think of. Then it doesn't brother me, as long as you are up front with me. There might be a few things that I won't accept and will not take you on for that reason. One of them is if you are male. I am sorry but I am only looking for females from birth. Otherwise contact me and try me.

    Now the last important part is my email address isn't it?

    It is [email protected]
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