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    I am an experienced Master and owner of both couples and females submissives/slaves both in real life and also online. At the moment I am looking for a new couples or females to form an online relationship with. This relationship is a Tasker/taskee type, where I set you suitable tasks for you to complete within a set and reasonable time period before reporting back to me as required. These tasks could happen any time during the set period or through a real time session through an instant messenger.

    I will give you examples of some of the tasks that I have given others to complete for me. The that tasks was selected/designed by myself from a pre agreed criteria between myself and the other party/s.

    1. Chosen clothing for/Rope bondage
    With the above criteria I selected the task that the female had to wear a blouse, a small tight bra with rope wrap around her breasts, a skirt and rope thong from 7:30am until 20:30pm. She could not remove the rope thong or the rope wrap around her tits for anything and she had to report back me to the day events. She really enjoyed this task and by the time she removed it she stated that she had an orgasm three times during the day, and knew that she could had an orgasm a lot more times, had she not been in and out of meetings.

    2. Forced masturbation/Orgasm denial
    With this criteria I made the female masturbate for ten minutes each hour from 7am until 10PM each day. With the stimulation that there had to be 20 minutes in between each session. She was also ordered to email me at least every other day with details of each masturbate session. This want for a couple of weeks, including a few real time sessions over yahoo instant messenger. By Wednesday of the 3rd week, she was begging me to let her orgasm for my own pleasure. On the Friday evening of the 3rd week I arranged to meet her on yahoo instant messenger and had a 2 hour session of forced masturbation of which included her using bottles on her holes, hair brushes, fingers, and other stuff from around the house before I finally let her cum. By the end of it, she was so exhausted from the orgasm she could not talk or even type for a while.

    3. Exhibitionism/Humiliation in private/Branding
    With this mixture of criteria I made a couple take a selection of pictures of the female naked, in different positions, and with pre-selected messages written over her body including "free fuck here" just above the cunt, "cum whore", "slut" etc covering all her body. These pictures was emailed to me without her face on it. I posted it on several websites with the message asking people to send me pictures of them cumming over the pictures and sent them back to me. I then passed the pictures back to the couple and make them do a report about each one and any messages that I received in how it made them feel including what they did about it. They had a brilliant fucking session afterwards and included all the details as required.

    Any tasks that I could give you, can and will range in length of time. It could be anything from few minutes, to hours or days. The tasks will be designed around what free time you might have coming up and what your and my desires's are. This is to make it work around or including your normal life.

    If you are interested in becoming a taskee of mine. When you contact me through email at [email protected] (Removing the -nospam) on the board, can you please complete the following BDSM list:-

    These will enable myself to get a better idea of the type of areas that you could be interested in and discuss with you the potential tasks that I could assign to you.
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