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    I have been in the scene for the last 12 years both online and in real life. It all started with a girl friend of mine back then. Just like anything, it was a bit of mucking about between us. And it ended up with her being over my knee, with her bare ass being spanked for fun at first before moving on to using a ruler of which was at arms reach. After about 10 good spanking with it, we were both really turned on and I just took her there and then for a brilliant love making session. This was one of the best that we ever had. But of course just over a year later after that, we just drifted apart and split up. It was around about then that I gotten my first computer and access to the internet and it opened up a whole new world to me and I haven’t looked back since.

    At the moment I have got some spare time over the summer, and hopefully even more afterwards and I am looking for a female submissive or slave to take on as mine. One of the reasons why I am looking for a new female to take on as mine is because I am missing the planning that I put in to my sessions with my last slave. How I will develop our relationship, what new stuff will we learn together and how far can I push her limits in that session or over sessions. While exploring new stuff together.

    What I am looking for in a female is somebody who is under the age of 55, I would consider older females but only on individual cases. Who is willing to learn. Can be open as a book and is truthful with me about anything and is willing to learn, have your world expanded with my help and have your limits pushed over time. But most importantly in this type of relationship is able to give me your trust and for me to return it to you too.

    I know that we all have got different amounts of experiences in this type of life style, ranging from no experience at all to very experienced. I don’t judge females on what types of experiences you have had. Because I believe that everybody has to start from somewhere. And each Master and submissive or slave is different, and because of this I always view people as a dairy. We are at different stages with our life in it. Not knowing what the next entry will bring, waiting for it to be mould by either yourself or others. That is how I see new females that they are there to be mould with in reason with my help to become the best submissive or slave for me.

    I will not judge you if you are single, in a relationship, housewife, mother or anything other type of relationship within reason as long as you are open with me from the very start.

    I am interested in finding a female to fill one or more of the categories that I am going to be talking about.

    Firstly, as I have said already we have to start off somewhere don’t we? So the first category that I will be talking about is people who is new or has limited experience within the scene. To me this is one of the best types of females to have because you are pretty much a clean slate to me. Because of this, you wouldn’t have much understanding about the scene. What you like or even dislike, what will be expected or required from you from the viewpoint of a master. How much he might demand of you etc. In my experience with any BDSM relationship it is about giving and taking from both parties. I can give you order to complete and you might get aroused at completing it just like I would. But that is not all of the giving or taking, it will also includes us two forming a intermit bound. Learning about both of our likes and dislikes and of course talking. Talking is always important in this type of relationship. Because at the end of the session or soonest after we would need to talk about the session that we have just completed. How did it make you feel, if you felt uncomfortable why was that? What types of problems did you have etc. Because as a Master I have to be in control all the time and stop the session as and when required and plan how we will develop our relationship for the future. If something made you uncomfortable why did it, what could be done to make it more comfortable for you in the future, do we try it again or just leave it as a limit of yours. But also talking is very important because at times there might be stuff going on in real life that effects how well you can serve me. And if stuff were happening, I would hope that you would turn to me to talk about the problem. Because if you have got other stuff on your mind, how can you serve me fully and get the experiences out of the session like I do?

    Another category of which I am interested in is humiliation. In my past experiences of owning females for humiliation this can take time to form the correct balance between a Master and submissive or slave. Because what one female might get humiliated over another one might not. For this reason it can take time for me to form a connection with you and find out what types of tasks might suit your needs. This could included wetting yourself for my pleasure or on purpose, flashing, sexually activities outside, buying stuff and pretending to forget to take money with you to pay for it. So you just have to leave the shop with your shopping behind.

    Self-bondage is the next category. This category is one of the more dangerous areas of BDSM if not done correctly. For this reason I always take sessions slowly and making sure that you are always safe within reason. For the safety of you I always take my time in training any female starting off with the basics before moving through to the more advance stuff. But the type of self-bondage that I teach is rope and other types of restrains. I always plan my session well in advance and depending on time restraints on your part some might last for anything from a few minutes to hours depending on your experience, wishes and my own feelings.

    Another category is control. When I mention control, I bet you are trying to think what type of control I am talking about? It is more control over your own life. This could basically be what clothes you wear, what food you want to eat, when you may go out, what time to get up and go to bed to total control over your own life. This is usually done through timetables of which is designed by me but is a living one where it evolves over time as required. But the control of your life will be as far as you want it to go. Like there is some areas that you might want to keep control over yourself like when you have to go to work, family stuff etc. But it can be something that we can talk about if you are interested in this category.

    The last category is general BDSM. Due to the natural of this I have decided not to go in to much detail about it. Because I am hoping that you know what it involves. But if you want to know more then please contact me and I will be happy to explain.

    My email address if you want to contact is [email protected]

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