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    I have been in the scene for the last 14 years both online and in real life. It all started with a girl friend of mine. It started off has a bit of mucking about between us, Before it ended up with her being over my knee, with her bare ass being spanked for fun at first before moving on to using a ruler. After the final 10 good spankings with it, we were both really turned on and I just took her there and then for a brilliant love making session.

    I am looking for a new female to take on as mine because I am missing the planning that I put in to my sessions with my previous partner. How will our relationship develop, what new stuff will we learn together and how far can I push her limits over time. While exploring each other and within the scene.

    What I am looking for in a female is somebody who is under the age of 55, I would consider older females but only on case by case basics. Who is willing to learn, can be open as a book and is truthful with me about anything, have your world expanded with my help and have your limits pushed over time. But most importantly in this type of relationship is able to give me your trust and for me to return it to you too.

    I know that we all have got different amounts of experiences in this type of life style, ranging from no experience at all to very experienced. I do not judge females on what types of experiences you have had. Because I believe that everybody has to start from somewhere. And each Master and submissive or slave is different and because of this I always view people as a story. We are at different stages within it. Not knowing what the next page will bring, waiting for it to be mould by the author and the characters development. That is how I see new females, they are a character from the story waiting to be mould with in reason from there author who is there Master, with my help to become the best submissive or slave for me.

    I will not judge you if you are single, in a relationship, housewife, mother or anything other type of relationship within reason as long as you are open with me from the very start.

    I am interested in finding a female who is interested in to learning about the lifestyle, to be taught what it means to please your Master. To be shown that this lifestyle is not down to sexual pleasure of just masturbating. It's more, it's the exploring of your body and mind, learning about different positions, how to hold yourself, what limits you have got, self bondage, punishments etc. The list could go.

    If you are interested please contact me through PM where we can talk further.
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    Are you still searching for a sub? I am a 29 year old sub and brand new to the scene. Ever since I discovered this was something that I desired, I feel like something I didn't even know I was missing has fallen into place. However, it is something very confusing to me especially the online scene, so I am in need of someone to guide me, to teach me how to please, and to care for me.
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