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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by fluttershy, Mar 15, 2013.

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    hey. i realy like submitting to my master and i feel happier and more lovy when i do. the thing is a kinda go into a zone 4 it. but lately i have been having more trouble getting in it and more so staying in it. any ideas? and ways we could maybe trigger it or somthing? thx
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    I find that speaking in a dominant fashion helps subs get into the right mindset. When I'm dealing with a new sub, I tend to speak forcefully--commands rather than requests, for example. I gradually shift from being respectful to being insulting (I like to do a lot of verbal abuse). I will say something like "You're a kinky bitch, aren't you?" That generally leads the sub to say "Yes, sir." Then I order the sub to repeat it--having to say something degrading like "I'm a kinky bitch" or "I'm a worthless whore" has a powerful mental impact on a sub.

    Forced nudity and body examination are also useful this way. With a new sub, I order him to undress item by item, until he's naked. And then I inspect his body, touching him, commenting on his body, walking around him. These all create a power differential between dom and sub.

    Oh, and the sub is required to address me as 'Sir' at all times. If he forgets, I slap him or pinch his nipples really hard.

    So talk with your dom about developing rituals like this that will help train your headspace. There are lots of options. If you don't like insults, try using affectionate but condescending nicknames that invoke power differentials--'baby girl', 'sweetcheeks', or whatever.
  3. fluttershy

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    shall try doing some of thouse more. also need to try to convince my master he is not hurting me or upsetting me. shall see how goes it. thx

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