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    Ok, sonfornthe longest inhave had an idea (husband part) in where I have my wife hold some type of liquid in her vagina and she is not allowed to let it go. The thing is that I don't just want to use water. Inam looking for something way more interesting kinda like how you are able to have a mixture of milk and water ( if I remember correcty)!or even a piece of Ginger in the anus. Anyone have any ideas in which it may be as fun in the vagina but of course safe?
  2. MasterInTraining

    MasterInTraining New Member

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    is it even possible for a woman to hold a liquid in her vagina? (without it dripping out)
  3. Nataani

    Nataani New Member

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    Yes, women with strong PC muscles can close off the entrance to their vagina completely. It takes alot of work, and will likely require a fair amount of training to achieve. Simple Kegal exersizes, using ben wa balls are a good start.

    As for liquids. I tend to shy away from dairy products as I have had a nasty experience with them. But in reality, most things edible are okay for enemas, though the most entertaining for me are simply hot and cold water, a couple chunks of ice can make it very interesting. I have seen coffee used, and lemon juice. Both looked rather uncomfortable.

    Here is a site that has a couple enema liquid recipes.

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    Thanks for the link. But I see it mentions mainly in the colon. Can those be used vaginally?
  5. Nataani

    Nataani New Member

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    Any of these recipes can go in either.

    If you find that on average you are more sensitive than most women, especially on the skin, then I would suggest staying away from salt and lemon juice. Their can be a reaction, though rare as far as I know. Any reaction would right itself naturally in a couple of days at most. Personally, I have never seen a bad reaction to either, but have heard of it.
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    Well, whenever I get home I will give it a try on the wife. I then will laugh a litle and tell you all about it.

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