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    I'm interested in other Dom's experiences, or subs, about training your sub, or being trained. My particular question revolves around training her in O. My quandary is that my sub has an interesting block, when she's ready to climax its apparent. But holding her through it and not allowing her to release has caused an impossible dilemma; she turns it off. Not in a way that makes her not want to please or serve me. Or not even wanting to orgasm. But trying to bring her to release is near impossible. The few times I've attempted this act has made it to where I've had to stop play and pick up later. With new arrousals. And this can be a vicious cycle. It doesn't seem to be working on the level I'm going for. What I'm trying to achieve is where I can keep the feeling within her and bring it about through the same play time that we started. Not have to start from scratch. It's something that I know that if I can teach her to hold the feeling, that we can use in our non-physical times too. Ie, text, phone, email. I want her to know self control to its fullest and would like to get any input on this. What you're experience is and how you achieved this. Or just some random input that you can think of. Lol.

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