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    I am Lady Caroline the Manx Mistress, I am a Pro/Lifestyle Domme and have been for 27yrs, a redhead and from the Isle of Mann (yes Mann is the correct spelling). Please note the Isle of Mann is an independent nation, not part of the UK as many so wrongly think, do try looking it up. It seems many of the readers out there are incapable of reading my profile correctly, I suspect it may have been to complex or the words to big for them to understand. So before you contact me please try to read carefully, take notes if you have to, it could make a big difference. I have found I am in a position to increase my stable and applications are open to ladies and men.
    If you want a free ride then don't even bother, I have expensive tastes and I expect you to provide them for me. The more you engage with me, the hungrier you will be to please me. I am sure you can already imagine the rush of pleasure you will get for doing things for me just because I wish for them. But even more than that ....I pay attention. Those who go out of their way to please me will be further rewarded. Forget all those little girls who just want your money and give nothing in return, with me you also get pleasure and trust me it will be pure pleasure. Maybe it will be an email from me -- the kind that you will find yourself reading over, and over, getting lost in the language. Or maybe -- for those of you who are truly devoted -- it will be a special video, just for you. Maybe it will be some of my underwear sent to you. Maybe it will be a live online session where you can show me how you submit to me. Maybe it will be a signed picture. Maybe it will be a recording by me, oh didn't I tell you boys I am also a Hypno-domme and a fully trained one, listen to me and I will take you to pleasures you can only dream of.
    If you fantasize about losing control, relaxing and giving up power in the hands of a confident, strong, hypnoteuse then read on. I like to use my powers of persuasion and suggestion to make my subjects my own personal playthings.
    Imagine what it would feel like to submit to me -- not just playing at it -- but to genuinely know that you were conditioned to do exactly what I told you to do...without thought or question. Imagine the ecstasy you would feel to know you were my slutty plaything...doing exactly what I tell you to do...feeling whatever I suggest you might feel. Would you feel those desires because you crave to be used and controlled, or because I made you feel that way? You will spend a lot of time wondering. They say that the sexiest part of the body is the brain. I plan to fuck yours, to twist it and make it mine.
    This is real hypnosis, and it can be powerful. You might find that after one session you crave the sound of my crave my power. The more you listen to me, the more you want, the more deeply you will go into trance for me.
    I take good care of my toys. But all rewards are about my whim...and besides, you will feel a rush of pleasure just because it feels amazingly good to please me.
    So what can you do?
    Contact me [email protected] and I will arrange how you can reward me if you serve me, or you can even send me an email telling me about you and why you deserve to serve me.
    Buy me a gift from my Amazon gift list then mail me to tell me and I can reward you.
    Remember I am beautiful, I have style and class. I have powers beyond your comprehension and I can take you to pleasures you have yet to feel. In return I expect loyalty, reward, punctuality, respect, manners and total obedience. Do you feel you are among the 5% of applicants I except, oh yes didn't you realise acceptance is not automatic, my boys and girls are amongst the elite of slaves, you need to be special for me to accept you. So come on apply and tell me why I should accept you and don't you dare keep me waiting.
    Do not be taken in by the fake little chav tramps out there who only desire to steal from you, the real Dommes in here will offer you a lot more than just to take your money, if you don't believe me try Goddess Lycia, she will rip your soul apart.
    All comments will be respectful, like others I will not tolerate rude comments towards ladies.
    Oh one final thing my birthday is December 16th ANY slave who fails to send me a pressy gets instant deletion no excuses.
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