New Mistress seeking an online sub (male pref.) who lacks confidence and life skills

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    My name Mistress Sharshur. I'm 30 years old. I am plus sized. I know how to turn on men who don't like overweight women. I've done it multiple times, when I felt like it. My mind and my heart are intense. Message me for more details and pictures.

    I was a sub for years. At that time, I lacked confidence, I was too self-conscious, and I didn't know how to assert myself. I got taken advantage of... a lot.. because of that. But I have grown a lot in the last few years, and I no longer need that. Although I am open to occasional role reversal. Occasional.

    My primary motive in seeking an online sub is that I want to help men who don't know how to talk to women, who get taken advantage of at work, and don't know how to manage their lives or their finances. Or any of the above. This is not to say I cannot fulfill your fantasies. It's just my main motive.

    My personality type is ENFP. If you Google that and read a couple pages, you will know quite a bit about me. I am also highly intelligent. I graduated 1st in my class and now I study calculus and physics, and get A's. I haven't finished college yet because of my problems that held me back from making correct decisions. Does that sound like you?

    Even though I'm new, I do know what I am doing. As I said, I'm smart. I focus on learning from my mistakes and successes. If you're a little nervous and new, let's learn together. My time as a sub taught me a lot.

    I'm not going to take advantage of you. If you want to buy me things or give me things, I will make sure that you do not hurt yourself in the process. If you can't afford it, it isn't happening. The things I like most are books, and I also need some plus size dom outfits and/or equipment. But still, only if you want to and are able. I won't ask for anything.

    I have never done any domination in real life. It would take some time for me to be interested in that, if I have strong feelings for you or if I feel you need it, and that I would be safe with you.

    I have a sub now, and although I use sexuality with him, we are not romantically involved. I am open to that. I will do webcam stuff, even if I am not aroused, and we will decide together when that happens, but it won't happen if I decide not to get involved with you. I have little experience with fetishes, but I am open to anything if I can learn as I go. If we ever did meet, you would be 100% safe with me.

    I can't think of anything else. I'm going to get some nice pictures taken, but I can provide them with a little conversation.

    Tell me about your life, your troubles, etc. and what you like to do. I love history, politics, religion, ideas, etc. I have expertise in the Middle East. I am a liberal. I am a non-denominational theist, but I do not hate any major religion or atheists. I'm very open-minded, although my beliefs can be fiercely held. I can argue heatedly and still not hate you 20 minutes later. I have a temper, but I can control myself, especially in a domination situation.

    Please message me here if you are interested. I expect to know at least half of what you now know about me. Serious inquires only, please. If you did not read this in its entirety, I'm not interested.

    Best wishes. I hope we both find what we are looking for, be that together or not.
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    hi i am seeking a domme to train me online with punishment. i have the most unique machine that i will be happy for you to use. at the press o f a button on your keyboard, i will actually feel a punch driven firmly into my belly. You determine where when and how many as you watch and listen on my yahoo messenger webcam. no one has ever tried it and not loved i t... please message me on yahoo messenger i am belly4punches there...
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    Hithere mistress i an 22yo and lookig for a mistress who is willing to completely dominatr me and use me. I am a fan of being taken anally while restrained as i feel completely helpless idont know if this is your thing but any reply wud be apreciated.

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