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    Dear potential mistress
    my name is chris but feel free call me anything you like
    i am looking for an online/texting female or female transgender mistress

    i do have a webcam, though as i do not have internet at my home, i do not have anywhere to use it.
    it would be nice to have someone located near me so there are not many time conflicts
    i do not have much experience as a slave but i am eager to learn

    as i am low in money the only toy i have with which to use for you is a small vibrating butt plug. as i obtain more extra money, i will try to get more for you
    if i am able to find a place, i am willing to get on the webcam or you, if i cannot, i can take a video or pictures and email them to you
    i would like this relationship to last for some time
    due to school i may not be able to perform for you at some times, i ask for your forgiveness and patients ahead of time.
    if you would like, i am willing to let you control pretty much everything i do (sorry, i do have a few limits)

    if you have any more questions, or any requests/suggestions to add/remove from my add, please tell me. i will answer any question with 100% honesty.
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