18 Bi Female Mistress Seeks Submissives ;)

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Xischie, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Xischie

    Xischie New Member

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    Good afternoon to all.

    I am actively seeking male and female sluts/subs to serve Me via webcam/hotmail and text message. I WILL (based on your limits) expect you to carry the lifestyle outside of your household, depending on the task that I have requested you do. You must be willing to do (with little exception) everything I tell you, to the nth detail, as well as provide some form of proof that your task has been completed. Furthermore, it must be kept in mind that I am a dominant female of high libido and I am hard to impress. Be prepared for psychological domination, degradation, humiliation and when the time comes.. pleasure!

    Please list to Me your experiences, limits, and available materials! Also, please make your application well worth reading! I do not wish to waste My time on mindless drivel.

    Thank you for your time, patience and consideration,

    Mistress Jessica

    As a side note: For those in my area (Halifax/Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA) I would be MORE than happy to look into a RL D/s relationship! Please feel free to contact Me about it!
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  2. Xischie

    Xischie New Member

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    Bumping! Kindly!
  3. subhubby29

    subhubby29 New Member

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    We are a couple (submissive male/ dominant female) new to the lifestyle. My wife would like some help dominating and humiliating me. I (submissive husband) have not discovered any limits, I do whatever she asks. We would like you to help us via webcam and other online means.


  4. kevinlee898

    kevinlee898 New Member

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    Hi mistress jessica,

    My name is kevin, i am an asian guy 23 year old, i am the submissive type. i love being humiliated specially in public, my other favorite is being whiped, forced to hold orgasm, licking my masters feet and shoes, getting dragged a long like a pet by my master. basically i'll be your good little slave. my only limitation is anal.

    i beg u please be my mistress
  5. underdog

    underdog Member

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    I am begging you, please accept me as one of your slaves. I'm open to more or less anything - I will PM you a checklist of what I love to do!

    I'm a 21 year old male, fairly athletic, and I will do whatever I can to please you mistress. My email jpswitch@gmail.com, but I will create any account you want if gmail is not to your liking.

  6. Xischie

    Xischie New Member

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    Excellent! Thank you kindly.

    Still searching! But all who've responded, your time is very well appreciated!

    Mistress Jessica
  7. kevinlee898

    kevinlee898 New Member

  8. paddy12345

    paddy12345 New Member

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    Hello mistress ;) i am willing to let you control my sexual life and i have no limits so you won't be hearing any if's and but's from ur willingly humiliated slave ;) xx just drop me ur email or heres mine millcity1@hotmail.co.uk 16/m/uk.
  9. britishslut

    britishslut New Member

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    Hello Mistress Jessica,

    I am a 19 year old lit student in the Portland area, Oregon, originally from London, UK. I am somewhat new to this - I have only experimented by myself. I am curious to explore bondage and humiliation. Previously I have done this with scarves and ties, but I can obtain rope if you would like. I am also exploring crossdressing.

    I feel deeply within myself that I need someone to dominate me sexually and psychologically. I am not sure what my limits are, but locating them and pushing them is something I ache to do. I hope you can derive some enjoyment from playing with me, if you wish.

    Sincerely, Joseph
  10. yolane.dominik

    yolane.dominik New Member

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    Hello, Xischie

    Im Dominik

    interests: humiliation, being used as a slut, forced masturbation, anal, butt plugs, dildos, forced submission
    tabu: pain, blood, copro, etc

    p.s. skype/yahoo yolanedominik
  11. bulletproof0220

    bulletproof0220 New Member

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    I'm open to it. I'd like to talk some time. :)
  12. LexSub

    LexSub New Member

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    Hello Xischi,

    I am a submissive male of 18 years of age.
    I have gone without domination almost 8 months now so i feel I need to do some self exlporation. I am very much into bondage and S&M.
    I am located in England but i'd be pleased to serve you over web-cam.

    While its not TOO easy over cam - i love forced orgasms, inevitable punishments (the waiting feels awesome); and i'd very much likee for you to control me as your own.

    Faithfully, Lex (But you can call me whatever you want ;) )

    Experiences: Submissive in a relationship for just under a year - anal-rape scenarios with a dildo, forced to drink my own cum, left in a cage for two days, tied and abused, gagged, forced to deepthroat a strap-on that had just come out my ass.. erm.. puppy-plus, rimming... theres probrably more

    Limits - Edge play - hard limit
    i will try anything once and as of yet - edge play is my only hard limit (including beating/cropping to point of heavy bleeding)

    Materials: Cage with padded red leather on top, small butt plug, large strap-on didlo, gates of hell, suction cups (non penis), chains, rope, dog bowl, waternburg wheel, collar & leash, crotchless fishnet suit, nurse outfit, spreader bar, ball-gag, ring gag, collar with "SLUT" tag, blindfold, large anal beads, flogger, bull whip, metal chastity cage, remote control vibrating egg,

    i hope this is enough to please you
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  13. ap31198

    ap31198 New Member

  14. suikoden

    suikoden New Member

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    Mistress, i'm looking for a Cyber mistress, please, be my mistress trough MSN and E-Mail, my ID is fausthe@hotmail.com
  15. Matty86

    Matty86 New Member

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    Hi Mistress Jessica,

    I figured i would put my name out there for consideration. I have been in this lifestyle as a submissive for over 3 years now. I am currently single and looking for a Mistress.

    I have very few limits.

    I have plenty of experience in the following subjects;

    Orgasm Denial and forced orgasms
    Public Humilation
    I personally enjoy being humiliated :eek:

    As part of my "toybox" if you will, I have Leather Cuffs, 2 gags (Bit and Ball), Blindfold, Clover Clamps, 2 Floggers, and 2 vibrators (some of these are from past relationships) as well as one of my favorites, the CB3000 chastity cage.

    I would be willing to do anything that you would ask of me without hesitation.

    And if it matters, I'm on the Eastern coast of Canada too! :)

    Feel free to message me if you like any more information or you can add/email me at tordek_111@hotmail.com

    Thanks for giving me a chance to offer myself Mistress.

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