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  1. meripa

    meripa Member

    today me and my master had the idea to make something with snow
    currently there is no snow but its getting colder ;-)

    does anybody have experience with snow?

  2. No, but I've threatened a few people with snowballs down their clothes :D

    Actually, my flat is really, really cold lately, and my master and I have taken to laying our icy cold hands on each other's naked that is a torture in itself :eek:

    We're hoping to take naked outdoor pics tomorrow, and it's so, so cold...I had wondered about doing this in the snow, if we get enough snow this year, but I'm a bit scared to :(

    You could maybe do something with ice though? Make a sort of ice lolly dildo or something...not sure how safe that would be though, as I once heard a story about a woman getting one stuck inside her :eek: It took 20 minutes with a hairdrier to get rid of it, and thaw her out again :eek:
  3. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    Condom over a popsicle.
  4. meripa

    meripa Member

    Yeah we have already done something with ice, especially with ice cubes

    And I already made a ice-dildo
    The trick is to let it melt a little bit and to warm up the inside of the vagina with warm water

    But for this winter we're looking for something with snow
  5. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

    Not sure if this is what you're after but I had a mistress who use to throw me out in the snow naked during the winter.

    Sometimes she would send me out to masturbate and wouldn't let me in until I came.

    Other times she would send me out for a "switch" so she could punish me. Of course, she wouldn't just take the first one, so I would have to make multiple trips.

    Some tips: If there's snow on the ground, you really want to beg to be allowed to wear shoes. If you are out without shoes, better hurry with your task. You will get frostbyte pretty fast.

    In general, you want your Master/Mistress to be careful. There is a point where your body will just not be able to warm up again, so if you are planning to be out for a while with no clothes on, it's good to have a warm bath ready.
  6. meripa

    meripa Member

    And how long it's possible to be naked outdoors in your opinion?
  7. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    Meripa, here is an article on survival of hypothermia (extremely low body temp.) Be careful with cold play as with any play that can result in death. Never leave a person unattended in the cold. Frostbite never heals - that flesh is dead forever.
  8. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

    Depends on the circumstances, of course (temperature, wind chill, snow, etc.)

    I've been out up to 20 minutes at a time in below 30 degrees temperature. Your Dom does need to know what he/she is doing and be able to tell when there's danger. Again, circumstances change. Sometimes I could have gone longer, sometimes it could be too far.

    I've been out much longer times naked when it's about 40 degrees out. If I'm out doing hard labor (pulling a rickshaw, carrying things) I can last a lot longer.

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