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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by cteffey, May 6, 2011.

  1. cteffey

    cteffey New Member

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    I recently began a new relationship and have now learned my partner is into small penis humiliation. I am not necessarily turned on by the idea as I am usually leaning more towards a submissive role. I enjoy domination as well, but don't consider myself much for administrating verbal abuse/humiliation on what I believe to be a somewhat tender subject (although his penis is not actually small, I still feel shy when I imagine myself humiliating him in that way). With that said, I still want to please him and feel I need to step it up in that department. The hardest aspect of it is coming up with creative things to say. He told me a bit about what an ex girlfriend had done but I would rather give him a completely new and unique experience. All of the POV videos I have watched are somewhat silly and not very creative or sexy. I want to blow his mind, what can I do! Need advice/ideas from others who are into SPH or have administered it. I have never had a partner with this specific kink and am somewhat lost on the subject!
  2. new1

    new1 Member

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    I love the term..... small slutty penis.... perhaps makes it more about its nature than size and may give him what he wants and yet take your focus off of what you don't want to say..

    some combination of that type of statement may help..
  3. cteffey

    cteffey New Member

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    Well it isn't that I don't want to say certain things, I just know I will break character and start laughing out of my own embarassment. I suppose I want a perspective on this very specific type of activity from someone who is into it so I can gain a better understanding. Thanks for the idea, though. Nature versus size is an interesting aspect I hadn't considered.
  4. new1

    new1 Member

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    Okay, hope you find what you need.... :)
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Cteffey, well, if you start laughing, just tell him that his dick is such a joke that you can't look at it and keep a straight face. You might even make that part of your approach. Most SPH tends to be sort of contemptuous, but perhaps you can make it more like teasing, a little more light-hearted. Compare his cock to the other cocks you're been with. "I don't know if this one is gonna do the job. My ex-boyfriend's was definitely bigger. But I love you, so I'll try to pretend it's his cock that's fucking me instead of yours. It's ok, I don't really need a big cock. Are you in me yet?"

    Part of your difficulty in domming may be that you think that all dommes have to be leather-corsetted bitch-goddesses. You can adopt any domme persona that allows you to take the superior position and make him feel inferior. So play around with personas that fit your personality more naturally than the bitch-goddess. A domme can be a femme fatale, a sexy slut, a queen, a high school mean girl, a pirate wench, or anything else that lets you be in control in some way. Since you like being the sub, when you're domming maybe you could play up your 'frustration'. Maybe you can be the sub who takes over because her guy is doing such a poor job that even a sub can domme him. To my mind, that would be a real humiliation--a guy who can't even stand up to a sub.
  6. new1

    new1 Member

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    Addressed effortlessly and admirably Sebastian...
  7. SFbound4fun

    SFbound4fun New Member

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    Verbal abuse can be hard for some people regardless of the type SPH, cuckold, etc... some people just can't verbally abuse their loved ones ...

    Anyway my wifey and I did some play like this once using a larger-then-my-cock-dildo, and the it was easier for her to compare my cock to the dildo since it isn't real. Also it provides and extra prop for cock sucking :p

    I'd recommend finding some caption/talkie pics from somewhere like imagefap dot com (print them) and use the pics to help you come up with dialogue - it might be easier for you to read it then try to come up with something and not sound corny ...

    I also printed up some pics of big huge cocks for her to show me and tell me she could be fucking them ...
  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Those are great suggestions, SFbound. And your point that not all doms can be verbally abusive is true. Doms have limits just the way subs do. Cteffey and her sub may have to accept her limitations in this area if she can't find a way to handle that. But I think she has a lot of options to explore before she gets to that conclusion.
  9. SFbound4fun

    SFbound4fun New Member

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    Just to add a tidbit more

    The wifey can't cane me at least not hard ... she can cane other people bloody if they want ... she'll let other people cane me ... but she just can't do it herself ...
  10. cygnusx5

    cygnusx5 New Member

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    Not to toot my own horn, but I just did a gallery on sph captions. Maybe they'll give you some ideas. There's other good galleries on their as well. Search on sph and captions.'re-Small

    I know many people suggest laughing, but you can also try a session where you're sincere, and just toss in a few giggles at the right moment - much more powerful. Basically go for mild shock, amusement, and bewilderment. The idea that, you really want to be his girl and be supportive, but it's so small that you can't help but comment.

    Here's some dialogue ideas.

    "You're not all the way hard yet, are you?"
    (he affirms)
    "You mean this is, uh, as big as you get?
    (he affirms)
    "Oh. No, it's fine, it's just, um.. ok."
    "I guess.. I mean I knew they came in different sizes, but I thought they were all at least.. say.. 4 inches. Hard, that is. 4 inches soft would be another matter haha."

    "Have other girls said anything about your, um, size?"

    "Honey, I'm not saying you're small. I mean, you're not big, but I'm not saying you're small. It's fine. But, um, would you mind taking a picture of me next to it, so I can show my girlfriends? They're going to love this."
    "Why? Oh, um, no reason. I just want to see what they think. It's nothing, us girls just like to talk that's all. Trust me, girls do this all the time. It's no big deal."

  11. 2Liddle

    2Liddle New Member

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    I realized i had a small penis humiliation fetish about 15 years ago. Before that my many humiliating experiences i suffered because of my small cock (a tiny 2" soft and rather skinny 4" hard) were definitely not enjoyable in the slightest. If your boyfriend's penis is not actually that small it will be more difficult to create SPH opportunities. For myself if the SPH lacks a certain level of sincerity it is far less arousing. My girlfriend of the past 4 years didnt really understand the fetish when i first confessed it to her and was reluctant (as yourself) to aid and abet it. However when she was confident that I wouldnt be hurt or offended she began having some creative fun with it. However if your guy isnt really that small many of her contributions wouldnt really work so well.
    One example is when she took a handful of polaroid snaps of my penis in various stages of arousal (from completely soft to fully erect). I enjoyed the fact that she had these "damning" photos in her possession but she took it to a new level when she tossed them in with a collection of holiday snaps which she was showing to a few of her female friends. She then acted embarrrassed and surprised that they were there. This had let the cat out of the bag however and my tiny cock instantly became the one of the topics of their discussion over a few bottles of wine. I was out of our flat at the time but she knew i would be back before her friends left. When I did return I was subject to some glances and giggles from her friends. When I went to the bedroom to change my gf came in and told me what she had done. It was deliciously embarrassing for me to sit in the same room with her friends after that. Even though none of them said anything at all and the subjects of chit chat were about other things I knew that all of these girls had been looking at and talking about my tiny penis.
    Of course your boyfriend may not enjoy that level of public humiliation as I do and even if he did the fact that his cock (as you say) isnt exactly that small may not illicit the same level of chastisement.
    A much more private way to arouse him would be to talk about former lovers or even fantasy lovers who have a much larger cock. This can be aided and abetted not by watching specifically made SPH videos together but just regular pornography as most of the men in them have huge cocks. Make sure you throw in some lustful comments about their endowments and their skill as lovers.
  12. curious4u

    curious4u New Member

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    The good ol' point and laugh is always a good one
  13. gweasel

    gweasel New Member

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    SPH idea

    As an example of what you can do...

    My ex wife still knows how much I love SPH and nearly always manages to make me squirm. She particularly likes to involve a third party.

    About a month ago, we were at a photographic exhibition featuring nudes. One image, a male, was quite small in the penis department. A woman standing next to my ex looked at her and said something about it being a bit small. My ex turned to this stranger and said, with complete conviction that at last he was bigger than me.

    The woman went all wide eyed, a grin on her face, as she stared at me. She then looked down at my crotch, as if I was naked. She said she was sorry and my ex told her that we had an arrangement and winked.

    This worked remarkably well for me and, I'd like to think, brightened up the stranger's day.

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