relief without enjoying it

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by funbob70, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. funbob70

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    Looking for some ideas on ruined orgasms
    Here's why
    My sweetheart doesn't quite have the drive she use to have,
    and sometimes its quite a LONG time between.
    She's told me that she's quite fine with me jerking off in between times, but for me it just doesn't feel right to enjoy myself without her having a few orgasms first.
    I've talked to her about it, and she's decided that maybe it'd help if we talked about the weather, news, current events, etc... to keep my mind off of it while i jerk off.
    But for me that still feels terrible, because even tho I can carry on a conversation, I can still feel all of the wonderful feelings of an orgasm.
    Last week tho, I had an idea, and tried something a bit different.
    We had some benzocaine in the cabinet, and I rubbed it on the head of my penis, a drop or two in my urethra, waited about ten minutes, and headed for bed.

    I was talking to her about the weather, when i suddenly had to stop because i realized I was about to cum without all of the wonderful sensations. I explained what was happening, and she flipped the light on to watch(which was a TOTAL FIRST for her!!) as we continued to talk.
    She got TOTALLY EXCITED when she saw me cumming but not getting off on it!
    So here's my question...
    Does anyone have any other ideas about how i can get relief without enjoyment? (unfortunately for me, prostate milking(which would be perfect) is out of the question)
    Oh and it would have to be SOLO
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  2. Smallest

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    I don't know much about it, but what about prostate milking?
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  3. JettOnly

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    How about a ruined orgasm? You get just to the point of no return then hands off
    If you time it right you get no pleasurable squirts just frustraiting dribble that I bet she would love to watch

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