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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by slaveboy509, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. slaveboy509

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    Ok well my girlfriend has told me about her desire to feel like shes being raped while were having sex. She wants me to slap her occasionally but for the most part just keep it rough. I just need some advice on what something you guy or gals think she would like specifically from those who enjoy that. I personally think its a huge turn on and am glad shes a pretty kinky girl. haha But another thing i need help with is coming out about my foot fetish. She has incredibly sexy feet she has even told me that she thinks her feet are gorgeous and perfect and wants to be a foot model. Anyway i know for a fact she will accept my fetish but im just so nervous that somehow she'll reject it. Any ideas or thoughts on how to tell her??
  2. Prissy

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    I have an interesting situation for you to bring it up in.

    You said she wants to feel like she is being raped. Ask her to take part in a role play, where you somehow get into her house(Or yours as it is a role play) And that she doesn't know you.

    You tow get into a struggle, where in the end you over power her, and you chain her across the top of a table, or chain her odwn to a bed, so she cannot fight back.

    Call her names, slap her face, and body parts, tickle her feet, and even lick them, all the while she is struglling to try to get free so she doesn't have to feel the pain of getting raped.

    After the session is over, ask her if she noticed your fetish with her feet.

    I hope this is good advice, and good luck with your future endeavors.
  3. 131u

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    rape fantasy

    Thats a good one!!!
    Another one you could try in a similar sort of role play just taking it a bit further is to involve some sort of sensory deprivation.... say.... she goes to bed wearing ear plugsand a blindfold, that way her boyf can enter the room unknown and put something over her head and then tie her up/down. He would take her completely by surprise even if she was awake and not seeing him because of the blindfold even when he jumps her will add to the effect making it feel more real. Hows that sound?!!;)

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  4. orindaswat

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    you may wanna try a kiddnapping situation. try grabbing her as she walks by, blindfolding her and ducktaping her hands together and throw her around like on the bed. then stick ur dick in her nd rape that shit!
  5. slaveboy509

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    Well it kinda all worked out. haha She likes being spanked a good bit too. So we have lots of fun during sex i ususally wrap my legs around her laying down and im on top. And just ride her, slap her, call her names, and stick my fingers in her mouth and make her suck them like a cock. She loves it!! Its amazing !!! haha
  6. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    And does she now know about your foot fetish? If so, is she okay with it?
  7. ReallyGreen

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    That reminds me, did anybody else see the movie Choke? (best - rape - roleplaying - scene - ever)

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    I can honestly say that I have somewhat of the same desires as you described with your girlfriend. I don't want the unnecessary roughness [no punching or anything crazy like that]- I think it's more that she/I want to feel helpless.

    Like, even if I wanted to stop what was happening? I couldn't. I think that's more of what she wants. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  9. RRR1609

    RRR1609 Member

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    I dated a guy once who would grab my throat and choke me. It sometimes got really scary and was a total rush. Like brittany said, the rush came from being helpless. He was a ton stronger than me and if he wanted to, he could crush me. So maybe you could try that out, she might like it.

    As far as the foot fetish, the same guy who would choke me also would give me "kiss baths" where he would start at my forehead and make me lay still while he kissed down every inch of my body. It was always so sweet and intimate and I loved it. Maybe you could try doing this, and when you got to her feet, spend a loooonnnngggg time there. Kiss all over them and lick them or whatever you want to do. When you're done, she'll be totally relaxed ( I know I always was), and it would be a perfect time to bring up your fetish.

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    Aww, that sounds really sweet, lol.
    Well- the 'kiss bath' part.

    My boyfriend has tried to choking thing- and like you said, he's a thousand times strong than me too. I think that it's definition more of the rush.

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