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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by thenunz, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. thenunz

    thenunz New Member

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    My wife and I are naturally a sub/dom couple for nearly 15 years. We've recently introduced toys, paddles, vibs, and restraints in the bedroom. She's been open to most everything as long as it's not painful, which I'm OK with. She's always liked me taking dirty to her as long as I don't call her a Bitch, Slut or Slave. What other names can I use?
  2. licker4450

    licker4450 Guest

  3. nix

    nix Guest

  4. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    cum dumpster
    dog shit (or any kind of shit really)
    ball-draining anal fuck pig
  5. Handsinme

    Handsinme New Member

  6. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

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    I'm not shore if "little girl" is considered demeaning, but it might for those who are women already.

    What if you make her call you something? Like Daddy. Something tells me "Master" won't fly cos she doesn't want to be called slave...
  7. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    I like being called fuck toy (on chat) too, mild or not. :) On that pattern i also love sex toy, or sex doll.
    she might like them too.
  8. screaminpeachez

    screaminpeachez New Member

  9. PTs_Pet

    PTs_Pet New Member

  10. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

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    You could also try using descriptive language that is not necessarily insulting her but still using words she is not comfortable being called herself.
    For example: Fuck it like a slut.
    I know it is a loop hole but for some women that is enough as long as you aren't calling her that, it might be fine. In fact it might turn her on to be able to be the good girl and the bad girl, since you didn't call her a slut she isn't, but she can still fuck like one. Sort of a messed up round about compliment. That being said, some women, sub or not just don't want to go there, be careful when you try this out man or you might end up sleeping on the couch.
  11. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Strangely enough I alert to my names. Whether it be my real name, or my chat/forum names.

    I don't like save, am not much of a fan ot sub, but pet could work.
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