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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Precious, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys long time no chat (i bet most of you don't even remember me! I wasn't on here for long!) I had stopped coming on here mainly because I had gotten life in the way LOL.

    Anyways, I wanted to ask a quick question a friend had asked me to look up for her. She's a Domme, her Sub wants 24/7, she wants to ALWAYS call her Mistress, wants to not have really an outside life. I told her that, my involvement with BDSM was very much more bedroom style only than anything else so I wouldn't really know how to give her help.

    So my question is : has anyone ever had or done a 24/7 sub/Dom if so what did that entail

    do subs ever call their Doms by their names, what's you opinion of always being called Master/Mistress or always calling the sub 'pet' 'kitten' 'pup' 'slave' etc?

    To me it feels like it takes away from the point and purpose of BDSM, almost distance the couple, but that's my opinion/feelings and just because it isn't my taste doesn't mean others don't do it/or that its wrong to do? which is why I decided to come on here and ask! Thanks!
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    It's definitely a thing (I'm an example), and I don't really understand why you think it takes away from BDSM. The one flag for me there is the 'all the time,' though. If it's in public, many people witnessing would rather not hear it, and you should probably remind her of that. He can call her that all the private time, and submit in public, but not like that.

    I almost always call Sir that to his face, also, but not if I'm talking about him to someone else, and I don't usually need his name if we're in a group.
  3. Precious

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    It's just a personal preference of me that it feels to take it away from it like how some people can go to disneyland every month but some can only go once a year is the best way to explain it i guess, That's why I had wanted to come on here instead of giving her advice from my own personal tastes since I remember when I was on here some members did seem to live the full time life style and enjoy it very much

    I did tell her that if that's not what SHE wants, she needs to talk to her sub and see if they can try and find a middle ground. this is her subs first real BDSM relationship too though, so I'm afraid she is pushing to far to fast in enthusiasm, my friend is nervous to come on here but I think I'll have to try and encourage her to come on here at least as a lurker and random questions since everyone here can probably offer more advice to her directly then me being the middle man , thanks though Smallest! I think I'll definitely try and get her to make an account here, it'd be good for her.
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    I am a 24/7 slave. Yet, Mistress Taryn and I work towards incorporating our real-world responsibilities into our lives. While I may not be collared at all times, I do wear a chastity belt and a butt plug harness with a medium-sized plug inserted. Both of these devices are locked on 24/7 as a continuous reminder that I am enslaved.

    When Mistress and I are around others or are in public, we do not overtly shout out our Lifestyle although I am expected to be very courteous and chivalrous at all times. I'm sure our behavior does indicate to others that She wears the pants in our relationship while keeping things PG-rated.

    At home when we are alone, Mistress Taryn keeps me naked and wearing my slave collar. I am responsible for performing the majority of the housework on a frequent basis. As far as titles to address Her with, I am required to use "Mistress Taryn" or at the very least, a respectful "Ma'am/Madame." She calls me whatever She wants, usually its my real birth-given name or a pet name, but there are also some times where I'm definitely just called "slave."

    Lastly, even though Mistress Taryn and I strive towards living the Mistress/slave dynamic as close to 24/7 as we can, we also realize that we're human beings and as such, are not even close to being perfect. Real life and its responsibilities will never be neglected or ignored. We both have jobs- mine a full-time position while my Mistress works at a beauty salon. We both have our own hobbies, interests, and friends- vanilla and non. The important thing for me in keeping it 24/7 is being constantly reminded of my status as Her owned property.

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