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    One more from the long past.

    On a Sunday morning she came to me all excited bumping and jumping around knowing that we are going out for a small day trip. She kept on asking about the place and our plan but she was never given a clear idea about it. Once we started i said we are heading for Nandi hills (50 kms away from bangalore city) on a bike. She seems to be not so happy as we went more than a dozen times but she didn't react much. On the way i didn't speak much to her. After completing about 20 kms we reached to a place called Devanhalli (where we have the Bangalore airport now which was not there then) i asked her to get down and gave her my bag i was carrying and asked her to wait till i come back. It was almost 30 mins over and she was all confused here and there in search of me. Finally i called her on her cellphone,
    R- Hey little gal, hope you are not bored
    r - no Sir, but i am worried about you
    R- No need to worry, i got stuck up in some other things so i will not be able to come, you need to go back on your own.
    r- but Sir, i am not carrying any money, You took my purse while leaving you remember?
    R - Ohh yes, i know that, but you should be happy to know that i have kept some stuffs in my bag which will be of your help now, just open it and check them.
    r - Sir, i found some tissue boxes and few bunches of handkerchiefs and nothing else.
    R- what else you need?
    r- Sir, i mean there is nothing which would be of my help.
    R- Unzip the side pocket chain, there is a love letter for you...(and i hanged the phone)

    She read out the paper....."you will be selling these tissue boxes and handkerchiefs on the road to all motorists and you will not go back home unless all of them were sold out in a decent way and also after reading out this chit you should tear it off into pieces" She understood her task for the day and all set for selling them off. Her confused expression and her helpless facial expression was enough to understand she was crying internally. And then she approached her first customer and then second and on third consecutive failure she looks all frustrated now. But the forth attempt got color in her life and she succeeded in selling the first tissue box. Now she looks a bit confident but soon it was shattered when she couldn't sell any more for next 30 mins. Time passed by and almost it was afternoon, the scorching sun was right above her head. She was exhausted and started looking here and there probably she was looking for me. She was thirsty and hungry too but she was not having enough money to buy anything for herself.

    After 2 hours i called her up again,
    R- So how is your business running?
    r- I am trying hard sir and i manage to sell one tissue box so far.
    R- Only one? you need to sell them all to go home and make sure you are not spending one single penny out of it.
    e- right sir but sir i don't think i will be able to sell them all.
    R- If you don't finish them all then you will be spending whole night there.
    e- right sir, i will sell them all sir.

    And then she got back to her job. She could sell few more tissue boxes and even some handkerchiefs but there were plenty more. Now she decided to sit on the roadside and sell them with a display. She chose a nice place under the tree shade as she was tired and took out all the items from the bag and displayed them, while she sat next to them and started waiting for the customers. But after complete one hour of waiting she found no new sale and became restless as it was already 3 pm.

    Now she is desperate to sell them as soon as possible as she knew her owner quite nicely. She approached every single motorist without any further hesitation and to a huge extent she succeeded in selling almost half of the item. But its getting dark now. Its 6 pm and now she was quite sure that she will be having a very tough time ahead. She is even more desperate now as her hard hearted man will never allow her to go back home unless she finishes her task. She applied a bit of brain now and approached the local shops on the road and started selling to them. And to a surprise she finished selling all her items and finally called me and said...

    r- Sir, i have sold everything.
    R- Ohh that's a good news, btw, how much did you collect?
    r- I am sorry i didn't count them yet.
    R- what nonsense? you don't even want to know how much did u earn ?
    r- Sorry sir, i was so excited that i couldn't hold myself from calling you after selling my very last item.
    R- Okay now count and tell me how much it is.(she started counting and in the meantime i came and stood behind her)
    r- Sir, its 375 rupees.
    R- That's less (she turned back and was shocked to find me standing behind her)
    r- i know sir, i have sold the items with 50% disc. at last. (she was almost into tears)
    R- hey relax, that's wonderful, you did a great job.

    And now she started crying but before other could realise i hold her hand, hugged her and took her to the corner of the road where my bike was parked and soon started off.

    She was completely exhausted, she was without food and water for the whole day and the first thing we did we went to a nearby hotel and had our early dinner. Now that 375 rupees, which i wanted to donate to a beggar but she said "its my very hard earning and i want to keep every single penny with me and i will never spend them". I smiled at her and granted that. I hope she is still carrying that envelop with her intact.
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