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    I've been a member for a few months now and i'd like to thank all of you for wisdom and advice. I've only posted 1 thing so far and would like to contribute more. So here is my first attempt at something that might be of interest.

    The Decision

    This is a story about a lady, Woman is her name.
    She loved her husband and knew he liked to play a game.
    Woman too liked this game very, very much,
    being tied up, dominated, spanked and such.
    Most of the time the game only lasted about an hour,
    But today was to be different, she would give in to his power
    Woman had decided that today she would fully submit.
    To give in and accept the pleasures and punishments Sir deemed fit.
    After making her decision woman was getting wet and excited,
    at knowing her conclusion would leave Sir very delighted.
    She was getting things together preparing for total submission.
    And was bound and determined to not fail under any condition.
    The wetness was growing but knew she had to wait.
    She had to work and would not be home until late.
    Hours were passing and the suspense starting to increase.
    She was excited and in desperate need of release.
    One, two, three o'clock had now come and went.
    And it started to sink in just what her decision meant.
    One more hour and she would be under his complete control.
    She would give herself to him, her mind, body and soul.
    On the ride home, woman knew she wanted this even more.
    Only five more minutes and she'd be walking through the door.

    The Rules

    Now that she was home, it was time to put things in motion.
    She was more than ready to show her complete devotion.
    Closing the door, she undressed and crawled to kneel at his feet.
    Her wanting eyes, looked at him like a puppy needing a treat.
    There she was naked and kneeling down on her knees.
    Her body was his, to tickle to torture or simply to tease.
    She was nervous, but relieved when he said they'd start slow.
    So he began to inform her of the things she would need to know.
    She was not to speak unless specifically directed,
    and that her wishing to stop would always be respected.
    She was to remain shaved from her head to her toes.
    At home she was only to dress in her slutty clothes.
    Her cuffs and collar must always be worn.
    This was a new beginning, woman was being reborn.
    In text or conversation, she would address Sir with the appropriate title.
    If she was to learn her place, this rule was extremely vital.
    Only on the steps or in the kitchen would she be able to stand.
    With the exception being on breaks, that would first be planned.
    She was allowed on the couch, but she still had to kneel.
    If she disobeyed, then her fate she would seal.
    After being informed, it was time to begin,
    and she confirmed her desire with a simple grin.

    The Beginning

    She had showered, shaved and dressed in what Sir had chose.
    Her lips were painted black, along with her fingers and toes.
    She put on her skirt, fishnets and her six inch heels,
    Putting on her collar she remembered how good it feels.
    Much like when accepting the ring that she wore,
    Woman was eager, ready, and knew what was in store.
    She knew he was devoted to her, and she was entirely his.
    She was ready to do whatever he wanted, even swallow his jizz.
    She would be an owned submissive ready and willing to serve.
    Trying her best, but ready to accept whatever Sir thought she deserved.
    In her mind over and over woman was reciting the rules,
    If she spoke incorrectly she would be gagged until she drools.
    If she walked as opposed to crawling on her knees,
    she could be caged for as long as Sir pleased.
    If she could not learn to obey in a timely manner,
    out would come the whip to make her butt tanner and tanner.
    She also knew that the whip would not leave Sir's hand,
    and woman was ready to comply with all of Sir's demands.
    One way or another woman was becoming even more thrilled,
    knowing that from that point on all of holes would remain filled.
    Now that woman was ready and had her mind in the right place.
    It was finally time to accept pleasure or punishment whatever the case.
    She went down the stairs and again crawled to Sir's side.
    It was time and woman had nowhere and nothing to hide.
    She was Sirs woman to have and to hold,
    she was ready and willing to do as she was told.
    While kneeling woman had began to think.
    She was so wet, brought almost to the brink
    This was the beginning, it was only the first day.
    But woman was ready, she knew she could handle the play.
    For a week, a month or maybe for years.
    She was in good hands and no longer had fears.

    P.S. my wife likes to be called woman.
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