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    I am a masochist and have been since puberty. I can't give a reason for it, it's just they way I've always been. I've had masochistic fantasies even before I heard of the realm of "BDSM" and of the many people involved in it. In my experience, it seems like most of the people involved in BDSM and related activities gain their interest for it later in life and for various reasons. I've always felt like the odd one out, and have experienced people who seem to reject the idea that a person can be masochistic without one of the commonly cited reasons for it.

    I'm really curious to see if there's anyone else out there who had interests in BDSM activities at an early age. I'd love to hear other's stories on how/when/why they became interested, if anyone's willing to share.
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    I started into BDSM in my first relationship. I'm not a 'true' masochist, but most of my fantasies from the time I started having them had elements of BDSM. I'm only 20 now, so you're certainly not alone.
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    Many kinksters report discovering their fetish early in life. Lots of boys and girls discover their interest in bondage when they play something like cops and robbers and someone gets tied up with a jump rope or whatever. That's a really common story with bondage, but less common with masochism or sadism. S&M is more explicitly sexual, I think, that Bondage, so usually those are urges not discovered until the teens when they start discovering sex in general.
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