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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Chris Birmingham, Jan 11, 2013.

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    First of all thanks to those who own and run the forum for giving me the arena to put this post up. I have decided the time is right for me to do this now.

    Is there any lady out there reading this who is interested in this forums lifestyle but maybe has zero or little experience of it but wants to explore it, talk it through with someone who is in the same place and would like to maybe attend an event?

    This is not a pick up attempt, although I'm happily single at the moment I'm not putting this out there to hit on anyone, it's a search for someone who is just setting out and would like a friend/'partner-in-crime'. Talking online/on phone/meeting/attending an event would be nice. Of no use to me at the moment would be a fully fledged life-long expert who knows every technique and terminology, I'd probably be frightened to death! Somebody to hold my hand as I tiptoe nervously around a club would be nice though and I'd need you to catch me when I jump out of my skin if anybody even says hellol!

    I know it's maybe a bit sad asking online but every partner I've mentioned it to in the past has not been interested and I can't just approach a woman in the aisle at tescos now can I? If you can be totally honest about your interests (another thing I've yet to find in a partner) or even if you have interests but are not completely sure what they are (like me) please get in touch. I have had some minimal experience in some of the physical (ok then sexual) side of things (not into lists) but not to any great degree and very irregular. The cerebral side of it interests me just as much as the actual.

    Hopefully this post might mirror somebody else out there so if that's you please respond.

    Thanks again
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    i totaly understand where you are coming from my dear.... i live in NI and my issues are the same. The approach in rather ....twisted....... not the easiest one to throw around. all i can say is good luck:p
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    Maybe adding your location would be helpful or someone from half across the world could answer and be disappointed.
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    You don't need to thank me because I'm kinda in the same position as you.
    Just with a few more problems which should hopefully be less by the time I come back home to Germany this summer to start university ^^
    I really hope that you find the perfect person to explore things together because you sound like a nice and decent guy to me. I think I would be jumping at an opportunity to explore with you if there weren't problems involved with our very different locations.
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