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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by rodiel, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Hello, folks!
    I find it quite surprising that nobody answered my thread in the fetish discussion section... yet. I feel pretty alone with my desires and the willingness to be open and taboo-free, so I decided to 'advertise' here.
    I'm 19, a BBW dyke, and not experienced in sex at all, but willing to try new things. I'm newly introduced into body modification culture and I can say that it's pretty addictive once you get used to overly careful pro's who just sterilize everything and don't spare a cent via reusing tools. Yes, I find that a pretty useless practice, since I'm a recreational cutter for over 5 years now and never, ever got an infection. Might just be my stone-hard defense system (not even a cold in 10 years despite having heat intolerance and adapting my wardrobe to it), but still, I don't think you really need to be THAT cautious.
    Aaaanyways, back to the subject. I enjoy being in charge of things, but I also like pain under certain circumstances and to some extent, so I guess that makes me a switch. My main interests in these kind of matters are the following: blood and knife play, flagellation, body mods, necro-erotica, killing things (maybe me and partner could include small animals in foreplay), wrestling, and roleplaying (both sexual and non-sexual). I don't know what to think of the application of power and punishment yet - I prefer equality in every kind of human contact, but maybe it would be fun to experience a vertical relationship as long as it's safe for both of us. I'd want to experience both sides, so I guess that could work out best with another switch. But really, I'm a beginner, so anything goes.
    Just to be clear: I strongly prefer girls of my own age and weight range. That means a youthful appearance and at least 80, at most 130 kilograms. Stria and scarring are bonuses. (I have lots of them as well.)
    As for being 'nearby', well, my country is Hungary and my location alternates between Budapest and Győr (university and home). And no matter how I wish to be able to cross borders, I don't have sufficient enough financial background for that. I hope you understand.
    Also, if someone does contact me, I'd be working hard to make it into a serious relationship instead of just physical. This would help me overcome touch anxiety and make the encounter fully enjoyable for both of us.
    Thanks for reading. Waiting for response.
    End of line,
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