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    Hi, thanks for reading this.

    So, i`m a female slave seeking a long term online owner.

    My name is Danielle. ( yes, that`s my name, so please use it, don`t start first pm with words like cunt; slut; bitch; etc! thank you )

    I`m in my 20s, single at the moment and with a good body ( i do workout to keep in shape ;) )

    While i`m fine with either a Master or a Mistress, i would prefer to be owned by a Mistress though.
    I have quite a bit of kinks and likes, can easily adjust and will gladly try new stuff.
    I do however have a few limits and i would like for them to be respected,
    which i can gladly tell via pm or email. ( some limits are pushable in time! )

    a few of my likes ( more like loves ;) )
    - control
    - dress codes
    - rules
    - bondage
    - nylon
    - feet
    - discomfort
    - orgasm denial
    - hypnosis

    While my likes shouldn`t really matter to an Owner that would own me
    ( personally, i think it`s all about what owner wants and never about what slave wants! )
    it would be good if She/He would at least have some of the same interests as me.
    I do have quite a bit of experience, very good at some things, not so much at some other, but, as i said about, will gladly try new stuff.

    Oh, about time zones:
    i do live in europe, but my time is very flexible, so, i don`t think that having big time difference
    would be an issue.

    The rest can be talked about/discussed via pm or email.
    And i`ll gladly answer any questions you might have ( within reason )

    So, if you`re interested, pm me or send me an email.

    my email addy is - [email protected]

    FYI - i`m not interested in Daddy/girl & Mommy/girl relationships, sorry, just not my thing, and no diapers!


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