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    23 years old, 5'3, < 100 lbs

    i decided to post my info to various sites in hopes of meeting new people.

    Courtesy disclosure~
    i was born female but i identify as male. Sexually, this means nothing, i'm happy to have my body used as female and it's in factory condition. i just want to be spoken to with male or neutral pronouns. (or no pronouns, if you don't want to call me as male and can somehow work that into your speech)
    i would consider myself androgynous in appearance and mannerisms alike. And i'm willing to crossdress as female and act more feminine if it pleases my Dom or Master.
    If you can respect this quirk of mine we will get along beautifully. so far i haven't met anyone who has expressed a problem with it but i think it's polite to mention.

    Basically i'm just looking to meet a man who might have an interest in me and maybe it will go further from there. or if it doesn't, maybe we can still be penpals or skype friends. But either way i am interested in something long term and real who also shares my sexual interests~

    Just so you have an idea, my regular interests include music, video games, nature, animals, foreign language and culture, and studying.
    i am the world's eternal student. i love studying and learning anything and i would love to meet a Dom or Master who is happy to educate me not only on his wishes and ways to please him, but just his knowledge and perspective of the world and someone who is excited to try and learn new things with me. i think i listen and obey very well~

    Ideally i like an older man, preferably somewhere in the 30-45 yo range. Definitely one who enjoys and encourages my smallness.
    i like to keep an open mind plus i am all about pleasing my partner so my personal kinks don't matter much. But of things i know i enjoy -- physical restraints, blindfolds, collar and lead, pain, strictness and punishment, but most importantly i want to please my partner completely. i am open to trying many things!! don't be afraid to ask me.
    i am looking for an intelligent man with power, both physical power as well as confidence and command. I am happy for him to take control in any and every way he wishes, but I know that the role of the Dom or Master can be overbearing.. so be aware that I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and following rules without the need for constant attention. :) i'm pretty chill and don't partake in drama. i'm optimistic and want a Dom or Master who is optimistic too. i just want to serve you and make you happy. i am not rebellious in any way but if it's your wish that i act that way, i want to do it for you.

    i don't have any interest in online roleplaying (can't get into it) only active participation so while i am happy to talk to people who live far away from me (i live in Texas) we would need to figure out travel if we were to do anything. i am still happy to talk about our sexual interests, in detail if you like but regardless of whether or not sex or bdsm play is involved, ultimately i want to be with my Dom.

    Maybe it's silly to post around like this but it can't hurt to try. Hopefully i find a Dom who likes me and will give me the honor of serving him. If you want to get to know me, email me or message me on here! i can send you a picture of me on request. i look forward to serving you~
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