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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by IndianPaintbrush, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. IndianPaintbrush

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    Hey everyone,
    I am pretty new to this lifestyle. It's something I've been researching for years now and have finally decided to take my leap. So far I am not disappointed. My only problem is meeting new Doms, I live in Texas in the middle of no where, and I am very cautious about meeting people online. A little about myself, I am 24, 5'4" and I consider myself to be of an average build. I am educated, witty and hard working. In my day to day life I am a very strong headed person. However, in my night life I am anything but. I joined this forum mostly because of Sebastian, I enjoy his no non-sense posts, as well as his insights into this lifestyle through his experiences. I feel that of any of the forums I have visited this one is where I can get the best advice for me and my needs. I hope to meet some great people on here and learn as much as possible in the mean time.
  2. dozuki

    dozuki Member

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    Welcome to the site. I am sure you will meet many people and learn more about the life style. I have to say that I am fairly new even though I have been looking around for a good while. I too look foreword to Sebastians responses to a lot of the posts. He is very knowledgable and experienced. And you should always be careful meeting people in person that you met on line. Good luck and happy learning.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    IPB: Welcome, and thanks for the kind words (you too, Dozuki!). Being a rural kinkster is challenging, for many of the same reasons that rural life is challenging for gays. We gays tend to move to the cities because it's easier finding other like-minded people, and you might want to seriously consider such a move yourself, once you've gotten comfortable with being a sub and know it's a major part of your identity. Until then, I would suggest trying to make contact with the munch in the nearest major city. Find their contact info, talk to the organizer online, and then make a special trip to the city to attend the munch. They're social events, not play parties, and are usually held in public venues like mall food courts, restaurants, and bars; that means they're pretty safe spaces for newcomers (although you might wind up becoming 'new meat' once people start to figure out what you're into).
  4. IndianPaintbrush

    IndianPaintbrush New Member

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    Dozuki thanks for the warm welcome, hopefully you to will meet some great people on here. Sebastian, thanks for the insight I will have to try to find something in the larger cities around me. As for moving I am actually in the process of trying to move closer to home where there will be plenty of larger cities for me to explore and learn from. Thanks for the advice...Ill be looking forward to reading some more from both of you on here!
  5. EG1984

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    Welcome to the site, i am very new here myself but i am happy to see new members both to the life style in general and to this site specificaly :) Many BDSM forums are either dead, full with spammers and trolls or all at once, i was very happy and excited to find an alive forum with serious participants and administrators.
    I was introduced to this life style in sort of a backward kind of way i think, first i met my little pet and after i started to do serious research into the in's and out's of this life style, which led me even more to understand how much it suits me.
    Maybe you can tell us a bit more about what kind of submissive you are? Where are you on the scale between casual/sex only submissive all the way to being a full time slave in every aspect of life? Only if you wish of course :)
  6. IndianPaintbrush

    IndianPaintbrush New Member

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    EG, It's really kind of hard for me to pinpoint what kind of submissive I am, since I am pretty new to this and my experiences are limited. As of right now I don't see being a full time sub as a possibility, that is a very big commitment, that to me would have to take the right Dominate. Right now my current Dom (who is also relatively new) are more into the bedroom only when we can be together, we live a good ways apart so we also do some online play as well. Does that help answer any of your questions? I know it's pretty vague, but that's also another reason I joined this forum to read others posts and help get ideas so I can become a better Sub, I'm still testing my own limits and trying to figure out who I need to be not only for my Dom but for myself as well. Being a Dom do you have any advice you could pass on to help a new Sub out? If you want, feel free to private message me so we don't fill this intro thread up!

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